Text: He Qiannan

  If you ask you where is the best mutton in China?

  I guess Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu,

  Will be your alternative answer.

Photo by Li Jiangning in Qinghai Autumn Grassland

  Qinghai is one of the five major pastoral areas in the country,

  There is a grassland with a total area of ​​547 million mu,

  Has the country’s largest organic animal husbandry production base,

  The output value of animal husbandry accounts for 58% of the first production.

  At the end of 2020,

  There are 13.44 million sheep in Qinghai...

Photo by Hu Youjun, a good pasture under the Qilian Mountains

  However, mutton in Qinghai is rarely mentioned!

  Is the lamb in Qinghai not tasty?

Photo by Qi Zengbei, Qinghai Tibetan sheep cub


It’s because the lamb in Qinghai is so delicious.

  They have no chance to "escape" Qinghai!

Will not "let go" any sheep Photo by Zhao Linsong

  Lamb itself is not good or bad.

  Just look at personal preferences and make evaluations.

  And the editor who is used to eating Qinghai mutton,

  Today I want to introduce to you,

  How is a sheep in Qinghai,

  Arranged clearly on the back of the dining table.

Secret Roast Leg of Lamb Photo by Qi Miao

  "The plan for a day lies in the morning."

  In three meals a day,

  Breakfast played an important role.

Delicious breakfast photo by Fengzi

  The early morning on the plateau is always cool,

  Here comes a bowl of steaming lamb intestine noodles,

  It is an excellent choice.

Faceted photo by Chen Qifeng

  Pass the noodles in the boiling mutton soup several times,

Hot broth noodles photo by Chen Qifeng

  Put in a few slices of delicious and glutinous lamb intestines,

Pan-fried lamb intestines photo by Fengzi

  Served with spicy oil, chives, minced garlic, balsamic vinegar and other seasonings.

Pouring chives photo by Chen Qifeng

  Pair it with the lamb "sour soup", and a bowl of lamb intestine noodles is ready.

Tourists prepare to taste lamb tendon noodles photo by Li Jun

  Take a sip of hot lamb soup,

  Eat a bowl of prepared intestine noodles,

  Woke up for a day in the hot and sour taste.

Iris photo by people who taste good food

  Except for lamb intestine noodles,

  Haggis soup is also a good breakfast option.

Haggis soup with a crab

  The soup made from sheep’s head, bone marrow, and sheep’s heart is fragrant and delicious.

Boiled soup head iris photo

  Add lamb's offal that has been boiled, boiled, and refined,

Cut haggis iris photo

  Sprinkle with garlic sprouts and coriander,

  A big bowl full of dangdang.

Haggis soup photo by Fengzi

  The lamb’s intestines are soft, the lamb’s belly is crisp, the face and lungs are white,

  The tendons are tender, the head is thin...

  Fine lake salt and sheep brain flower are the essence of sheep offal.

Haggis soup with iris photo

  At this time, let's have another piece of pancake,

  Eat with soup,

  That's a satisfaction!

Haggis soup photo by Fengzi

  If you want to have a fan for breakfast,

  Then you can have a bowl of mutton noodle soup.

Fan soup photo by Iris

  The soup base is still carefully boiled with mutton and mutton bones.

  Pleurotus ostreatus, small rapeseed, deep-fried old tofu, etc. as side dishes,

  Sprinkle with garlic sprouts, coriander, and chopped green onion for garnish,

Cut garlic seedlings photo by Chen Qifeng

  Delicious mutton soup, silky vermicelli,

  It's already enjoyable to look at it.

Photo by Fan Tangyi Crab

  Seeing this, some friends may say:

  I can't accept the smell of lamb at all,

  Not to mention eating it for breakfast.

Boiled mutton photo by Fengzi

  In fact, the lamb in Qinghai does not have a strong smell.

  Regardless of lamb and haggis,

  Just boil it with water and green onion and ginger, it’s delicious.

  It even has a milky scent.

Photo by Haggis Maple after boiling, boiling and refining

  And this way of eating lamb cooked in water,

  It is called hand-caught lamb in Qinghai.

  There is no "cover" of condiments,

  It keeps the deliciousness of the lamb itself.

Hand grabbing lamb and iris photo

  A plate of lamb with fat and lean is just right,

  The entrance is fat but not greasy, and the meat is tender and chewy.

  Most importantly, there is no smell.

  Dip some cumin, hot sauce, or just garlic slices,

  Gulping meat,

  It's so hearty and refreshing!

Hand grabbing lamb photo by Zhou Ruichen

  And the daily lunch choices,

  People from Qinghai who love to eat noodles

  I can't help but order a bowl of lamb noodles.

Fried noodles with iris photo

  A piece of lamb,

  Served with various vegetables,

  Grab a pot of noodles,

  Each patch is about the width of a finger.

Photo by Feng Zi

  Can be fried or clear soup,

  Rich in nutrients and easy to digest,

  Every bite is the taste of home.

Fried noodles photo by Chen Qifeng

  Boiled rice is pronounced (nao) rice,

  It is one of the favorite delicacies of people who have lived in Qinghai for a long time.

Boiled (nao) rice iris photo

  Its approach is very simple,

  In the soup of cooked lamb,

  Add cooked white radish slices, vermicelli, jelly, potato cubes, mutton cubes, fried meatballs, oily tofu, etc.

  Just boil and eat.

Boiled (nao) rice with dishes photo by Fengzi

  A bowl can not only resist hunger and cold,

  It can also eat all the troubles.

Boil (nao) rice photo by Fengzi

  Until night falls,

  In the light and shadow of fireworks in the city,

  People raised their swords in their hands,

  Fresh lamb is cut into strips and pieces,

  Then the iron sticks are strung together,

  Set up the oven,

  A sheep began to stage the final legend.

Iris on iron skewers

  Fat and lean lamb skewers,

  Constantly turning and roasting on a special oven,

  The secret seasoning is grilled under charcoal fire,

  It has a magical chemical reaction with lamb,

  The strong aroma teases the taste buds.

Kebabs photo by Qi Miao

  Eat it while it's hot, the meat is tender and fragrant,

  Take a bite and fall into it.

Lamb skewers photo by He Qiannan

  Carefully cooked roast lamb intestines,

  Also returned again,

  Toss and jump on the oven,

  The crackling sound is endless,

  After roasting until the skin is crispy and the inside is soft and tender,

  The scent is endless.

Roasted Lamb Intestines Photo by Qi Miao

  Order a roast lamb tendon,

  A big bone came up and grabbed it with his hand,

  Sweet and enjoyable,

  Tendon meat wrapped in fascia,

  After being roasted over charcoal fire, it is tender and springy into the mouth.

Roasted lamb tendon photo by He Qiannan

  Or order a roast leg of lamb,

  The oily leg of lamb,

  Was roasted golden and crispy,

  The skin is crispy and the meat is firm,

  Dip with special dipping sauce,

  The taste is superb.

Roast Leg of Lamb Photo by Qi Miao

  Fat and thin fresh lamb chops,

  Rub the condiments directly on the charcoal fire and grill,

  This is raw roast lamb chops.

  Looking at the flesh color from red to yellow,

  And then to the scorched yellow,

  Jiaoxiang overflowed the population and drained the population.

Grilled Lamb Chops Photo by Qi Miao

  The juice bursts in the mouth after biting it down,

  The crispness and tenderness melt into the mouth,

  Endless aftertaste!

Raw grilled lamb chops photo by He Qiannan

  And the kang pot lamb,

  It is the "King Fried" food in the editor's mind.

Kang pot lamb iris photo

  The mutton meat that is cooked on the kang is more tender,

  And the fat that was extracted from the kang

  After being perfectly blended with seasonings, it is absorbed by side dishes.

Kang pot lamb photo by Qi Miao

  Potatoes are fragrant and crispy;

  The potato flour is evenly flavored,

  Soft and slippery without losing tendons;

  Onions, green peppers, corn and other side dishes

  It also became more flavorful after "working hard" to inhale the soup.

Kang pot lamb photo by He Qiannan

  At this time, sandwich a piece of fat and thin lamb chops,

  The scent fills the entire mouth from between the teeth,

  Even picky taste buds can be instantly conquered!

Barbecue Collection Photo by Qi Miao

  Let's have a spicy goat's hoof at the end!

  The sheep's hooves are bright in color,

  Just watching,

  I felt a strong spicy flavor burst in my mouth.

Photo by Hu Spicy Lamb's Hoof Iris

  The fragrant and soft sheep's hoof melts in the mouth,

  The taste of mutton tendon is firm and elastic.

  It can make people fall into this wonderful taste in an instant!

Hu Spicy Lamb's Hoof and Crab Photographed by Jun Jun

  See here,

  I believe that many friends can't help it

  Wiped the "tears" from the corners of his mouth.

Baked plate tendons photo by He Qiannan

  Do you think it's over?

  In fact, Qinghai also has many specialties,

  An article can’t be written at all!

Special delicacy photo by a crab

  What else can I do?

I can only wait for you to come and eat!