Manon Bernard 3:03 p.m., August 23, 2021, modified at 3:03 p.m., August 23, 2021

From August 26 to September 2, the biggest series festival in Europe is held in Lille.

For the occasion, Delphine Horvilleur and Édouard Philippe are among the 180 guests of the event.

The general manager of Séries Mania, guest on Europe 1, Monday, details her original programming choices.


In the panel of guests of the Séries Mania festival, this year, we find actors, series producers, series professionals… There will also be Delphine Horvilleur and Édouard Philippe.

But what are the rabbis of the Mouvement juif liberal de France (MJLF) and the former Prime Minister doing at the biggest series festival in Europe?

The general manager of the Lille event, Laurence Herszberg answers the microphone of Philippe Vandel in the program

Culture Médias

on Europe 1. 

For this third edition of the Séries Mania festival in Lille, the selected guests of honor are not common.

These include, among others, Édouard Philippe and Delphine Horvilleur, enough to disconcert some television series enthusiasts before attracting their curiosity.

Religion contains "everything that makes the daily life of the series"

"They are specialists in their field who are not in the series", notes Laurence Herszberg.

But for the general manager of Séries Mania, it was necessary to have, among the 180 guests, people from outside the audiovisual sector.

"It is often said that the show looks at the world and that it is a way of explaining society," she explains.

So, she wanted Delphine Horvilleur and Édouard Philippe "to tell through their prism what the series means". 

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The famous rabbi will therefore be at the heart of a conference entitled "The Bible, the best of scenarios", where she will disentangle the links between religion and writing.

"In the Bible, there is everything that makes the daily life of series: murders, adulteries, somewhat shady marital stories, fratricides ... Everything that makes the universe of series", justifies Laurence Herszberg.

The truth of the politics on the screen 

As far as the former prime minister is concerned, it's a little different. Contrary to appearances, Édouard Philippe is rather close to the universe of series: his book

In the shadow

, co-written with Gilles Boyer, will be adapted in several episodes. The story tells of the accession to the presidency of the Republic of a center-right candidate who looks like Emmanuel Macron. In addition, the mayor of Le Havre is a huge fan of the American political series

À la Maison-Blanche


"It is therefore an opportunity for Édouard Philippe to come back and tell us a little about how he experiences politics through the series. And if the series do reflect politics," says the general manager of Séries Mania. The meeting with the former Prime Minister is even "eagerly awaited", according to Laurence Herszberg. "Obviously, Édouard Philippe is still a successful star," she concludes.