Many elementary and junior high schools in Miyagi Prefecture started classes after the summer vacation on the 23rd, calling for thorough countermeasures against infection with the new coronavirus.

Of these, at Rokugo Junior High School in Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, students went to school one after another on the morning of the 23rd, and after measuring the temperature and disinfecting their hands, they entered the classroom for the first time in a while.

The whole school rally after the summer vacation is held in a remote format where students look at the screen in the classroom to prevent infection, and Principal Harumi Nakamura said, "Infection of the new corona can occur anytime, anyone, anywhere. Let's do everything and get over the crisis together. "

From the 20th of this month, "Priority Measures to Prevent Spread" will be applied to Miyagi Prefecture, and schools in Sendai City will thoroughly implement basic infection control measures, as well as club activities such as practice games and joint practice sessions with other schools. It means to refrain from doing activities only in the school.

A second-year female student said, "Although there are restrictions due to the influence of the new corona, I would like to actively challenge what I can do at school events."

In addition, a boy student in the third grade said, "I will take proper measures against infection and I will do my best to study for the exam because I am an examinee."