On the afternoon of August 23, the national "14th Five-Year" planning publicity group held a national "14th Five-Year" planning lecture in the banquet hall of the Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex.

Huang Liuquan, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, said in his speech that the current good situation in Hong Kong has not come easily.

He quoted a Cantonese saying "There is no boat ride after Suzhou" and pointed out that Hong Kong needs to form a social consensus of "concentrating on construction and single-minded development" as soon as possible, giving full play to the advantages of "one country, two systems" and integrating into the country's development.

  Huang Liuquan said that Hong Kong society has fallen into endless political disputes in recent years, with constant internal friction, many missed opportunities, and a lot of time wasted. After experiencing the "regulation turmoil", everyone deeply realized that without national security, there would be no Hong Kong security. ; Without the implementation of the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong", there will be no guarantee of long-term stability in Hong Kong; without a united and harmonious social environment, there will be no basis and conditions for economic development and improvement of people's livelihood.

He said that the implementation of Hong Kong's National Security Law and the improvement of its electoral system have restored stability in Hong Kong and improved the rule of law in Hong Kong, enabling "one country, two systems" to be implemented steadily and far.

(Reporter Fan Siyi produced Lu Huiqian)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]