China News Service, Zhengzhou, August 22 (Reporter Li Guigang) One month after the "7.20 heavy rain", many parts of Henan encountered heavy rainfall again on the 22nd, and all regions actively responded.

  One month ago, on July 20, extreme heavy rainfall hit Henan, causing heavy casualties and property losses.

After January, Henan once again ushered in a new round of heavy rainfall.

  On the afternoon of the 22nd, Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, started a heavy rain mode. Urban bus lines and taxi-hailing services were all suspended. Pedestrians were scarce on the streets. Water began to accumulate in low-lying streets. The water level of inland rivers rose.

  The reporter saw in the Jingguang North Road Tunnel in Zhengzhou City that the inside of the closed tunnel entrance was blocked by water baffles and sandbags for flood control, and there were guard fences and telescopic fences on the outside. There were emergency vehicles and lifeboats nearby.

  Zhengzhou City’s Urban Defense Office issued a notice on the same day, requiring 67 bridges and culverts and 23 small railway bridges and culverts in the urban area to initiate blocking and prohibition measures and implement traffic control.

  The relevant person in charge of the Zhengzhou Urban Tunnel Comprehensive Management and Maintenance Center stated in an interview that the entrances and exits of the eight tunnels under the jurisdiction of the center, including the third section of the Jingguang Road Tunnel, the Hongzhuan Road Tunnel, and the Weisi Road Tunnel, have been closed. On duty.

  Zhengzhou belongs to the Yellow River Basin. In order to ensure the safety of the Yellow River and the safety of the levee, the Zhengzhou Yellow River Beach Park Management Committee Office requested on the 22nd that from now until 8:00 on the 24th, the entire Yellow River Beach area in the Huiji area of ​​Zhengzhou City shall be closed. During the closure period, the Yellow River levee will be closed. All vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited from passing on the Huiji section.

  One day ago, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources of China issued a yellow early warning of flood conditions in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, and initiated the third-level emergency response for flood and drought disaster prevention in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River.

  At the same time, Zhengzhou issued two red rainstorm warnings one after another, and the Henan Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm warning.

  Before responding to this heavy rainfall, many places in Henan "prepared for a rainy day" actively responded.

After Henan Province launched the second-level flood prevention emergency response on the 21st, many cities have suspended work, schools, operations, production, and transfer of people.

  Heavy rain struck, in Zhengzhou, Luoyang and other places, a large number of private cars parked on the viaduct to avoid danger.

In this regard, the traffic police department said that it will not penalize.

In Xinxiang, Hebi, etc., officials and people have prepared flood control materials and waited.

Anyang, Kaifeng and other places have closed scenic spots and street shops.

  In addition, due to heavy rainfall, some traffic in Henan is restricted.

Among them, some high-speed sections in the province have adopted temporary control measures. On the 22nd, Zhengzhou Station suspended 95 passenger trains.

  Su Aifang, the chief forecaster of the Henan Meteorological Observatory, announced at a press conference held by the Henan Meteorological Bureau on the afternoon of the 22nd that on the night of the 22nd (20:23-23: 08:00 on the 22nd), the heavy precipitation area moved eastward, and the Beijing-Guangzhou line was There were light to moderate showers and thunderstorms in the East and Nanyang areas. Among them, Kaifeng, Shangqiu, Zhoukou, Zhumadian and other cities had heavy to heavy rains, and local heavy rains accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy rainfall and short-term strong winds. (End)