Health.. Tips to get rid of automatic washer germs and unpleasant odors

Running the washing machine on high heat once a month prevents bad odors.

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The German Laundry Forum advised that the automatic washing machine should be run at a high temperature at least once a month when running economic programs that save energy, so that microbes and microorganisms do not settle in the humid environment inside the automatic washing machine and multiply, and cause the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Bacteria and fungi usually get into the washing machine through pieces of the washed clothes, which may contain food, people's skin or other dirt from the ground, plants and animal hair.

This sticky layer of bacteria and fungi causes unpleasant odors that can transfer to clothes washed in an automatic washing machine.

The German Washing Forum stressed that these germs are not harmful to health.

To avoid this layer of bacteria and fungi, German experts advised that the automatic washing machine should run at a temperature of 60 degrees at least once a month with the use of a general cleaner containing bleach, which is usually available in the form of powder or granules, and liquid detergents are not preferred. There is a need to use a stain remover with bleach. In this case, liquid detergents or gel capsules can be used.

In addition, the appearance of microbes and bacteria in the automatic washing machine can be avoided by opening its door, and the lid of the powder drawer to dry completely after each wash cycle.

The rubber seals of the automatic washing machine door should also be wiped and the interior of it wiped to dry moisture and remove lint or hair after each wash cycle, with the need to clean the powder drawer from detergent residues on a regular basis.

If all of these measures do not work to get rid of bad odors, the reason may be due to the lint filter or what is known as a foreign body filter.

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