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Health.. Experts enumerate the pros of vaccinating children from 12 years of age

The German Permanent Committee called for children to be vaccinated against Corona.

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Experts of the German Permanent Committee for Immunization called for vaccinating children against the “Corona” virus, starting from the age of 12, and when comparing the benefits and harms of vaccination, the committee concluded that it is preferable to vaccinate children because of the dangerous development of “Covid-19” disease, even if this possibility decreases with the children.

Reinhard Berner, a pediatrician at Dresden University Hospital, who specializes in infectious diseases, said: "This does not in itself mean that vaccination is necessary, but if you want to vaccinate, there is reinforcement of the committee's recommendation, which is based on a very careful examination of the available data."

Above all, the harms and benefits must be weighed. People aged 12 to 17 years who are infected with the virus rarely develop a severe course of the disease, but it can sometimes happen, and vaccination protects against these dangerous developments, and there are also potential long-term effects. For infections, such as pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome (PIMS) or long-term “Covid”

"If balanced, I would say that the positive effect of vaccination should be rated much higher than the potentially serious side effects, and in fact vaccination naturally helps facilitate participation in social activities and school operations, which is a positive," Berner added.

The experts of the German Committee recommended not to exercise for 10 days after the vaccination, and the appearance of symptoms such as chest pain or breathing problems in the days following the vaccination requires a doctor's consultation.

He explained: «Children can attend school without restrictions, provided that there are no symptoms of disease to take the vaccination.

Similar to what happens to adults, children between the ages of 12 and 17 can show symptoms of illness, such as fever, headache and body aches, as well as general malaise, and therefore they have to endure this for one to two days after vaccination.

Reinhard Berner:

• “Children can attend school without restrictions, provided that there are no symptoms of pathology for taking the vaccination.”

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