On the afternoon of the 21st, it was confirmed that a Chinese marine research vessel was operating in the exclusive economic zone around Okinotorishima, the southernmost tip of Japan. Is not recognized, "he continues to be vigilant.

According to the 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Yokohama City, at around 0:30 pm on the 21st, in Japan's exclusive economic zone 159 km west-southwest of Okinotorishima, the Chinese marine research vessel "Choken" Was found by a wary aircraft stretching something like a wire into the sea.

The aircraft wirelessly requested that it be canceled, saying, "In the exclusive economic zone, investigation activities without prior consent are not permitted," but there was no response.

For this reason, the Japan Coast Guard Headquarters continues to be vigilant about the trends of research vessels, such as by directing patrol vessels to the sea area at the site.

In the exclusive economic zone around Okinotorishima, it has been confirmed that Chinese marine research vessels were operating without prior consent in May and July last year.