Eleven years ago, a 17-year-old ex-boy who was arrested in a case where a high school boy was stabbed and killed on the streets of Kobe City wrote and published a novel similar to the case, an investigative official I found out by interviewing.

In 2010, a boy in the second year of high school who lived nearby on the street in Kita-ku, Kobe was stabbed by a knife and killed. Was arrested on suspicion of.

According to investigators, after the incident, the ex-boy wrote a novel similar to the incident and published it in an ebook.

The novel is no longer readable, but it does include the protagonist killing an unfamiliar high school student with a knife.

In response to the investigation so far, the ex-boy has stated that he was angry that the victim was with his friend, a junior high school girl.

Police are investigating the story behind the writing of the novel and its connection to the incident.

Experts will conduct a psychological examination of the ex-boy, and the prosecution will decide whether to prosecute based on the results.