New shocking images of mistreatment of a pig farm in the Yonne and the unpublished testimony, with his face uncovered, of a former whistleblower employee, were released this Thursday by the animal defense association L214.

“They cut the live tails and do the live castrations (…) If a (piglet) box, they take it and slam it on the ground.

Sometimes, we still see it moving in the bucket, ”testifies Grégory Boutron, facing the camera with his face uncovered, a first for a whistleblower in an accused pigsty.


A whistleblower unveils appalling images filmed in an #Intensive Breeding in Yonne.

Cruelty, regulatory violations.

Let us demand sanctions, the end of the piglets slapping and the cutting of their tails.


- L214 ethics & animals (@ L214) August 19, 2021

Not "a check" in two years

Former employee for two years and two months of the SCEA breeding of Tremblats II in Annay-sur-Serein (Yonne), Grégory Boutron recently resigned from his post after falling into depression following the mistreatment he observed.

“Because the sow does not want to move forward, they go after it with screwdrivers (…) They cut their teeth with pincers (…) They gave 14 blows of matadors to kill a sow…”, enumerates- there in the video.

The former employee, who says he has "never seen a control" in two years and two months spent in this breeding, indicates to have alerted the director on the subject but, faced with his inaction, he lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie then entered L214.

"I would like the manager to stop working in this area and the box to be closed because it will never stop," said the former employee.

A complaint filed by L214

The video images, taken with his mobile phone, show sows swollen by screwdrivers all over their body, or dying on the concrete floor of the farm, as well as young sows whose teeth are cut with pincers.

The pigsty is an intensive breeding of 1,800 sows, three times the French average.

It is managed by the Provent-SDPR group, located in Savoie, which directly or indirectly operates around a hundred pigsties, according to L214.

Sébastien Arsac, director of investigations and spokesperson for L214, indicated that the association had lodged a complaint Wednesday with the public prosecutor of Auxerre, denouncing "numerous breaches of the regulations".

The association calls for sanctions against breeding but also a ban on the live cutting of tails and the slapping of piglets: those who are considered the least profitable are violently knocked out just after their birth.

This operation is supposed to kill them quickly but it is far from always the case, according to L214.


The pig industry still divided on the ban in six months of live castration


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