Their work diaries were forever left on the day of the storm...

  ——Remember Ren Jijun, Director of Jinguang Road Office, Zhengdong New District, and Zhai Xiang, Director of Party and Government Office

  Our reporter Zhang Ziming Tan Yanfeng Li Na

  Zhengdong New District, Jinguang Road Office.

  On the desk, an ordinary black work diary was quietly placed.

In the notebook, they remember their daily work neatly and densely. However, the content of the work log will always stay on July 19, 2021.

  In the work log that day, they both wrote "Anti-flood rescue..."

  On August 17, the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Decision on Posthumously Awarding the Title of "Zhengzhou Outstanding Communist Party Member" for 8 Comrades including Ji Jun". Ren Jijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Office of Jinguang Road, Zhengdong New District, Director of the Party and Government Office Among them, Zhai Xiang is the only two comrades who died in the heavy rain in Zhengzhou City.

  On August 18, the reporter once again came to the Jinguang Road Office in Zhengdong New District. At the desks of Ren Jijun and Zhai Xiang, colleagues sometimes walked over, bowed and left.

  "With them, we have a spectrum in our hearts"

  The torrential rain was like a waterfall, and within a few hours, the water on the street had accumulated to the height of the waist.

  Recalling the torrential rain on July 20, Chang Ruijie, deputy director of the Jinguang Road Office, still felt lingering fears.

  To this day, looking at Ren Jijun's desk, Chang Ruijie still can't believe that this good colleague and leader has left everyone forever.

"Director Ren worked too hard. He is a centering stone on the embankment. Driven by his infection, everyone shouted slogans'one two one, one two one' and carried sandbags to the embankment like a cow crazy. ".

Those scenes that always flashed in his mind made Chang Ruijie choked again.

  To this day, Zhai Xiang’s mother talks about their conversation on the day of the rainstorm, and she still blames herself: “I’ll just stick to it a little longer. I reminded the child that he can’t swim and ask him to pay attention to safety...”

  Although it is painful in my heart, let us set the clock to the period from July 19 to 20, 2021.

  From the evening of July 19th to 23:50 on July 20th, they lost contact. Ren Jijun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Jinguang Road, and Zhai Xiang, director of the Party and Government Office, worked on the forefront of flood control for more than 20 hours as an office. The main person in charge and the "manager" often accompany each other at work, not only in the relationship between superiors and subordinates, but also close comrades-in-arms.

  During the rainstorm, Ren Jijun and Zhai Xiang took the lead, risking their lives to fight floods with the cadres and the masses day and night, and fought indomitably against the rainstorm.

At about 23:50 in the middle of the night on the 20th, the two of them encountered a road collapse and fell into the water while transferring to the resettlement area. Unfortunately, they were killed at the same time.

  It is the responsibility to keep the soil.

As the main person responsible for flood control in the office, Ren Jijun has been fighting on the front line of flood control.

At the flood control dispatch meeting held by the office on July 18, he decisively issued a military order: "Resolutely implement the flood control requirements of the provincial and municipal party committees and guard the line of defense at home. It is the responsibility of each of our party members and cadres. We must The 12-square-kilometer road stays guarded to ensure the safety of the people’s lives."

  Shou the soil and conscientiously.

On the evening of July 19, the rain suddenly increased. Ren Jijun quickly summoned relevant departments, construction sites, and road construction units to analyze and judge the flood situation and response measures, and under the heavy rain, led a team to inspect the flood situation in the jurisdiction until early morning.

After returning to the unit, he was still worried about the resettlement people who had just moved back. At 4 a.m. on the 20th, he again led the staff on duty to inspect key points such as roads and basements in various communities to check whether the emergency sandbags were adequately prepared and the depth of water accumulation. And take the lead in adhering to the 24-hour on-duty system to maintain vigilance around the clock and respond to emergencies.

  Charge ahead.

On July 20, the heavy rain continued, and the city's flood control response level was continuously upgraded from level IV to level I.

Although he has been fighting for a whole day and night, Ren Jijun still tensed his nerves. At 8:30 in the morning, he held an emergency meeting in the lobby on the first floor of the agency to lead everyone to revisit the party oath. Then, he faced the heavy rain and waded continuously. Rain water tirelessly moved to the front line of emergency rescue in resettlement areas and project construction sites, organized rescue and transfer of disaster-stricken people, raced against time, and fought against floods.

  A group of people who were transferred that day said excitedly: "When we see the bright red party flag, we have the backbone. When we see Director Ren, we are relieved, and we are not afraid of a major flood."

  "He didn't care about eating dinner before he died."

  The more we face the disaster, the more we can reflect the spiritual quality of Communist Party members, and the more we can test the party spirit of every Communist Party member.

  At 16:00 on the 20th, the Qili River suddenly flooded, and the situation was very serious. Ren Jijun quickly rushed from the resettlement area to the river course, carrying sandbags and protecting the river embankment with the office rescue team. They fought until late at night without having dinner. eat.

  At 23:00 in the night, Ren Jijun had been fighting for two consecutive days and nights. His body was extremely exhausted, but the rain remained unabated. The area under his jurisdiction was waist deep. After receiving an emergency flood situation in the resettlement area, he hurriedly led the team to go. Rescue in the resettlement area. At about 23:50, Ren Jijun and Zhai Xiang rode a forklift to the Liangxiu Road Yongshengyuan Phase II project. Unfortunately, they fell into the water due to rain soaking and the road collapsed.

  The bad news came, and Ren Jijun's colleagues and friends before his death all mourned and mourned.

An old cadre in Jiachen Village, whom he subcontracted during his lifetime, wept bitterly and said: "Without the leadership of the director, our village would not have its current development. Regarding the problems left over by family conflicts in our village for more than ten years, before and after the demolition of the village, he served as the director. He often visits home and he is friendly. The cadres and the masses trust him very much. They are willing to talk to him for big and small matters. He will not refuse anyone who comes. Our village is now resettled and relocated, and his contribution to the stable development of him is the greatest."

  His former partner, Wang Wenbin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jinguang Road, said sadly when reporting to his superiors: "He is my competent partner. Without him, I lost a comrade-in-arms. I still clearly remember the demolition of Jiachen Village in 2013. The village was originally a difficult village for letters and visits. He took the initiative to ask for subcontracting. At that time, he had just had a thyroid nodule removal operation. After receiving the assignment from the superior, he insisted on returning to work with gauze around his neck and holding pills, while recovering. The injured side directed the demolition and finally successfully completed this arduous task, which greatly encouraged the confidence of the whole office to promote the demolition of other villages."

  "You can't swim, kid" "I'm a party member, I must go"

  "Desperate Saburo" and "workaholic" are the common evaluations of Zhai Xiang from the grassroots staff of the Jinguang Road Office.

The post-80s he moved to multiple offices and departments, from the law enforcement squadron to the office, from the information statistics center to the urban construction office... From the most basic level to the director of the party and government office, he worked more and more. .

  Flood prevention is ever-changing, and uploading and distributing are very important.

As the director of the party and government office, Zhai Xiang gave full play to the role of the central department, coordinated with multiple parties, actively raised funds, and conscientiously did a good job in material reserves, meeting preparations, and plan formulation.

As a community subcontracting cadre, he went to Jiachen community every day and worked with the cadres of the "two committees" to investigate hidden dangers, raise flood control materials, build sandbags fortresses, strictly guard flood control points, strengthen publicity and guidance, and go all out to deal with extreme rainstorms. The flood test is here.

  The Qili River has always been the focus of flood control. Once the dyke bursts and overflows, it will directly affect the lives and property safety of more than 10,000 people on Jinguang Road.

Since July 19, Zhai Xiang has been busy between the Qilihe dike and the Jiachen community.

On the afternoon of the 20th, the city's flood control emergency response level was adjusted to level I. Jinguang Road was at the peak of precipitation period, with heavy wind and rain, the water level continued to rise, and the flow rate was abnormally turbulent. Zhai Xiang has been sticking to the severe flood situation of the Qili River Bridge and dam to carry out rescue and disaster relief.

  "Please rest assured, the leaders, we will definitely implement the flood control requirements at the scene and resolutely guard the levee!" "The terrain is not high where you are, so add more sandbags to block the gates of the community and the garage, and do a good job of publicizing the public. I am in Qili On the river bridge, return to Jia Chen when you are finished!" "The rain is urgent. The party and government office must keep the phone open at all times, and don't miss any work instructions or any people calling for help!" He braved the heavy rain, holding on to the front line, all over his body. Soaked and muddy, but he did not relax at all, and did not rest. In the heavy rain, he kept communicating with unit leaders, community officials, and office colleagues on the phone, commanding and dispatching, putting down the phone and hurriedly carrying bags, filling sand and moving supplies. Take the lead in rescue and disaster relief.

  At 23:00 on the 20th, after receiving an emergency flood situation in the resettlement area, Zhai Xiang and Ren Jijun transferred to the resettlement area for emergency rescue. They suddenly encountered a road collapse, and their lives were forever frozen at that moment.

  Let Xiaojia take care of everyone, during the flood season, the dialogue between Zhai Xiang and his mother and wife made people cry.

"You can't swim, kid." The mother called and told him to pay attention to safety. Before the mother was finished, he replied: "I am a party member and must go."

  "No reply, no reply, come out to rescue Zhai Xiang's relics," he sent his wife a quick WeChat voice, which turned out to be the final farewell.

  Now that the floods have receded, the city has begun to operate, regaining its former vitality.

On the desks of Ren Jijun and Zhai Xiang, the work diaries stayed on July 19, and they were all filled with scheduling arrangements for flood control work.

  No, their work diary did not stop on that day. Their last work diary was written with the mission of a Communist Party member and written with the lives sacrificed for the people...