[Explanation] A few days ago, the special exhibition "Return of National Treasure on Fuxing Road" was launched at the Tianlongshan Grottoes Museum in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

The head of the Buddha in Tianlongshan Grottoes, which has been lost overseas for nearly a hundred years, will eventually return to his homeland.

Recently, Zhang Rong, the donor of the Buddha's head and an overseas Chinese in Japan, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency in Japan that all cultural relics are dream catchers, and it is the dream of every cultural relic to return the lost cultural relics to the motherland.

  [Explanation] On September 14, 2020, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China discovered that a piece of the Japanese Toying International Auction Co., Ltd.'s proposed auction in Tokyo was suspected to be the lost Buddha head in the Tianlongshan Grottoes; the State Administration of Cultural Heritage immediately contacted Zhang, the chairman of the auction house. Rong contact, encourage and facilitate the return of cultural relics.

Subsequently, Zhang Rong negotiated with the Japanese cultural relic holders to complete the purchase, and donated it to the Chinese government free of charge.

On February 11, 2021, the Lunar New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Ox, Tianlongshan Buddha made its debut on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala.

  [2021 Xin Chou year CCTV Spring Festival Gala]

  This national treasure is the 100th cultural relic to return to the motherland in 2020. It has drifted overseas for nearly a century. Tonight, it will celebrate the Chinese New Year with the people of the whole country.

Friends, let us welcome the national treasure home together.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Rong, Donor of Tianlong Mountain Buddha Head and Overseas Chinese in Japan

  As for the Spring Festival Gala at this time, of course I am also very happy.

In any case, I am very moved, and I understand and thank the government for this kind of behavior. At least, all cultural relics are actually dream chasers. They are chasing dreams and pursuing their dreams.

So in the process of chasing dreams, if you can run into such a thing, I believe everyone is willing to do it.

  [Commentary] "There is excitement in calmness." Zhang Rong was slightly calmer when he talked about promoting the return of the national treasure and on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

In fact, the number of cultural relics that Zhang Rong contributed to the return has exceeded one hundred.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Rong, Donor of Tianlong Mountain Buddha Head and Overseas Chinese in Japan

  There must be at least a hundred and dozens of them.

In this case, it is accurate to say that 7 to 8 pieces are first-class cultural relics, which are what we call national treasures, and the second-class cultural relics are the most typical. 29 to 30 are second-class cultural relics, which we think are important. Cultural heritage, so there are more than 100 third-level cultural relics.

  [Explanation] Zhang Rong was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and has lived in Japan for more than 20 years.

Originally studying medicine, he "abandoned medicine and pursue art" after going to Japan. Zhang Rong described this as a very painful choice, but he was very pleased to bring back many cultural relics to the country.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Rong, Donor of Tianlong Mountain Buddha Head and Overseas Chinese in Japan

  Regardless of whether any of your experts sees a first-class cultural relic, which is a so-called national treasure, it will be touched. Of course, I will be touched too. Then I will take it back. I am very pleased.

I think it does stay in the private sector or in the country. I think it’s better to stay in the country. I don’t know where it will go when it stays in the private sector. But when I stay in the country, I hope I can still see it when I stay in the country.

  [Explanation] In the era of poverty and weakness, China has lost a large number of cultural relics overseas, and the work of recovering the lost cultural relics in China has been ongoing.

Zhang Rong believes that the return of cultural relics should require the joint efforts of overseas Chinese.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Rong, Donor of Tianlong Mountain Buddha Head and Overseas Chinese in Japan

  It is a very long process to reflow.

The best way is the Chinese sons and daughters, overseas Chinese, and patriots overseas, through the cooperation of Chinese embassies abroad, etc., it is the most ideal to complete this matter.

  [Explanation] Cultural relics are the best carriers of Chinese culture.

In Zhang Rong's view, behind the recovery of cultural relics is a manifestation of the growing strength of the motherland, a manifestation of the centripetal force and cohesion of the Chinese nation. Every overseas Chinese overseas will be proud of this.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Rong, Donor of Tianlong Mountain Buddha Head and Overseas Chinese in Japan

  Many people say that the so-called patriotism is empty talk, but those who are truly abroad, I believe they know best what patriotism is.

After you arrive abroad, you say that you love your motherland is the most true.

One thing is certain, that is, the Chinese nation is a kind of root, so at least (for) the descendants of Yan and Huang, you have to remember this root. This is very important.

  Reporter Wen Mengxin let Baokui Zhao Anyuan report from Japan

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]