Selma Blair has just announced excellent news: the progression of her multiple sclerosis has slowed.

In 2018, the star of

Sexe Intentions

revealed to be suffering from the disease whose symptoms had quickly made his life impossible.

In the space of a few months, the actress's condition had deteriorated rapidly.

She had partially lost the use of her left leg and had difficulty speaking.

But the stem cell transplant she underwent about two years ago seems to have just turned things around.

“My prognosis is good.

I am in remission.

The stem cell transplant made me go into remission It took almost a year with the transplant for the inflammation and lesions to slow down, ”she explained during a meeting organized by discovery + and relayed by


 for the promotion of a documentary entitled

Introducing Selma

which chronicles her fight.

And if the 49-year-old actress has been feeling better for a few months already, she preferred to wait until this improvement was confirmed before speaking publicly about it.


“I was reluctant to talk about it because I felt this need to feel better and be in better condition.

I have accumulated a certain liability which remains in my brain and which still needs to come out or be accepted.

(…) I really felt bad and misunderstood for so long ”, continued the actress.

Finally, Selma Blair insisted that if she had managed to find the strength to go through this ordeal, it was above all thanks to her son Arthur who is 10 years old.


Oscar winner Selma Blair ignores illness for first red carpet since diagnosis

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