The fifth wave of the


accelerates its decline and gives a respite to most of the communities.

The incidence fell almost 50 points this Monday, 47 points lower than that of Friday and 134 lower than that registered a week before.

However, it continues to be felt in hospitals, where both


and pressure in the


continue to be very high.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures

: 4,719,266 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

There have been 82,595 deaths with a positive test as of August 13.

  • 761,266 in Andalusia (10,419 dead)

  • 153,671 in Aragon (3,655 dead)

  • 69,255 in Asturias (2,036 dead)

  • 91,976 in the Balearic Islands (883 dead)

  • 88,577 in the Canary Islands (886 dead)

  • 42,797 in Cantabria (584 dead)

  • 223,099 in Castilla-La Mancha (6,046 dead)

  • 287,255 in Castilla y León (7,061 dead)

  • 872,755 in Catalonia (14,975 dead)

  • 6,762 in Ceuta (119 dead)

  • 489,383 in the Valencian Community (7,537 dead)

  • 94,878 in Extremadura (1,842 dead)

  • 174,534 in Galicia (2,503 dead)

  • 856,249 in Madrid (15,667 dead)

  • 10,152 in Melilla (99 dead)

  • 133,174 in Murcia (1,649 dead)

  • 79,745 in Navarra (1,203 dead)

  • 245,855 in the Basque Country (4,622 dead)

  • 37,883 in La Rioja (809 dead)

10:20 New Zealand decrees a three-day lockdown after detecting its first case of coronavirus in six months

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, ordered this Tuesday the confinement for three days of the more than five million inhabitants of the country, after detecting a case of community transmission in the city of Auckland, the first since last February 28 .

The measure, which is given due to the fear that the case detected today is with the delta variant, will take effect at midnight, although the almost 1.7 million inhabitants of Auckland, the most populous city in New Zealand, and more than 1,600 from the neighboring Coromandel Peninsula will be confined for seven days.

"We have only one chance. We need to go strong and early to stop the broadcasts," Jacinda Ardern, whose management of covid-19 has been applauded worldwide, told reporters in Wellington for justifying this lockdown.


Ozone therapy in Coronavirus: no scientific support for the option authorized by a judge

The judicial decision to authorize the administration of ozone therapy in a patient with bilateral



admitted to the ICU of the Hospital de La Plana de Vila-real (Castellón) has raised blisters in the medical community.

Scientific societies, health institutions and professional associations have spoken out against the measure and have supported both the hospital where the patient remains and the Generalitat Valenciana, which had previously rejected the

use of ozone therapy


The court decision reverses the decision made by the doctors not to administer the treatment, so the hospital must allow its use, which will be applied by a professional outside the center.

Read the full information on Cristina G. Lucio

7.35 Spain administers 500,000 doses this weekend and almost 63% of the population has a complete regimen

The autonomous communities have administered a total of 61,418,303 doses of the











until this Monday

, 498,436 of them during the weekend.

This represents 96.2% of those distributed, which amount to 63,828,592 units.

In addition, a total of 29,794,008 people have already received the complete guideline, 267,628 more than on Friday.

This represents 62.8% of the Spanish population.

A total of 34,716,227 people have received at least one dose, 73.2% of the Spanish.

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