Smiling with your eyes (because of the mask) when you ask a stranger if he is vaccinated against Covid-19 can be a delicate exercise in the current context.

It is however the daily life of many sanitary pass controllers, a new profession in full boom.

New profession

In recent weeks in front of festivals, hospitals, nursing homes, and since Monday in front of certain shopping centers, new controllers have appeared.

Asking consumers and visitors, not to open their bag, but to flash their QR code.

On condition of having a negative test, a double vaccination for at least a week or proof of an infection of less than six months.

However, in a France where for five weekends thousands of French people have marched to say no to the health pass imposed in certain public places since August 9, may seem risky.

To get this job, you must be over 18, have a health pass yourself, have been trained to master the TousanticovidVérif tool… and demonstrate a little education.

Because not everyone necessarily wants to be flashed before shopping.

And even less repress.

You are a sanitary pass controller, tell us how your days are going?

How were you recruited?

Form ?

Have you been scammed regarding your training?

Were you already a security guard?

Is it a summer job?

How do the people checked in general react?

Have you seen fake health passes?

Known bugs to check the precious sesame on the application?

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