China News Agency, Hong Kong, August 15th. Hong Kong's "civilian human rights front" ("FDC") announced its disbandment on the 15th.

In response, groups and people from various sectors in Hong Kong said that the "FDC" is an illegal organization and has no room for survival in Hong Kong. Its disappearance will help society to become harmonious and stable, and Hong Kong will get back on track as soon as possible.

  The Hong Kong Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, the Hong Kong New Democracy Party, the Hong Kong Re-departure League, the Hong Kong Guangdong Association of Associations and other groups issued a statement on the same day to support the police in strict enforcement of the law and continue to investigate suspected illegal crimes by the "FDC".

  The DAB believes that the "FDC" announced its dissolution completely on its own.

For a long time, the "FDC" has organized and instigated a number of anti-China activities to disrupt Hong Kong. In addition, many reports have revealed that the "FDC" has unclear accounts over the years, the destination of funds is unknown, and it has received funding from external forces.

After the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, successive Hong Kong chaotic organizations announced their dissolution, reflecting that the law has provided a strong impetus in bringing Hong Kong from chaos to governance, returning society to normal, and restoring peace to citizens.

  The Federation of Trade Unions stated that it must be vigilant that the "FDC" may evade legal responsibility by dissolving, and may even take the opportunity to destroy criminal evidence.

The meeting urged law enforcement agencies to step up investigations, and must not allow criminals to "secede" the law with impunity.

The association firmly believes that under the escort of Hong Kong's national security laws and the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong", Hong Kong's political ecology will surely speed up the chaos, return the economy and people's livelihood to the right track, and workers can enjoy their jobs and live in peace.

  The New Democrats pointed out that the "People's Front" has incited various organizations and citizens to participate in anti-China protests, demonstrations, and rallies for many years, which has led to instability in Hong Kong's society.

The New Democratic Party believes that the dissolution of the "FDC" reflects that Hong Kong's national security law has effectively played a deterrent effect and that society is speeding up towards calm.

The New Democrats expect the police to continue to investigate, search for evidence and take appropriate actions.

  "The dissolution of the FDC shows that there is no room for illegal groups to survive in Hong Kong. The disappearance of such groups will also help the society to become more harmonious and stable, so that Hong Kong can get back on track as soon as possible." Security and Hong Kong social organizations should not be allowed to continue to operate, and the SAR government should continue to examine which groups violate the national security laws and resolutely enforce the law.

  The Hong Kong General Association of Guangdong Associations believes that the existence of the "People's Front" and its comrades has had an extremely bad impact on Hong Kong's social order, severely endangering national security and endangering "one country, two systems."

The "Chinese People's Front" announced its dissolution, demonstrating the deterrent power of Hong Kong's National Security Law against various organizations that seriously endanger national security.

  Tan Jinqiu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of Hong Kong and chairman of the Hong Kong Volunteer League, said that the "FDC" has long echoed the anti-China forces to disrupt the country and disrupt Hong Kong.

He said that the crimes committed by the "FDC" must be strictly investigated in accordance with the law, never tolerated, and to take advantage of the victory to chase the robbers, investigate and ban all kinds of illegal organizations in accordance with the law, thoroughly eliminate their legacy, maintain national security, and ensure the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. .

  "Hong Kong is a society ruled by law. The FDC does not have the privilege of overriding the law. Where there is law, all laws must be followed, and violations must be investigated." said Wu Youyou, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee in Hong Kong and honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations. "The police must pursue further investigations according to law." The use of the FDC’s funds, the illegal activities of its members, and the collusion with foreign forces, etc., bring illegal members to justice. The FDC and its members cannot be allowed to use various excuses to evade legal responsibility."

  Lou Jiaqiang, member of the Hong Kong National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Tuen Mun District Fight Crime Committee, believes that the disbandment of the "People's Front" is good news for universal celebrations.

He said that he believes that under the continued investigation and investigation by the police, the rule of law will be restored with dignity and justice to society will be restored.