Bov Bjerg made his breakthrough in 2015 with his novel “Auerhaus”.

It was on the bestseller list for several weeks, it was made into a film and adapted for the stage.

"Serpentinen", its much darker successor, was shortlisted for the German Book Prize in 2020.

Many do not know that there was a first novel before that that hardly anyone knows.

That will probably change soon, because this debut novel, the first edition of which fell victim to a warehouse fire with the exception of a few copies, has just been published in a new edition by Kanon Verlag.

Andrea Diener

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Fridtjof Küchemann

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“Deadline” tells of the technical translator Paula, who struggles for the right, precise expression in all situations, of her return to the village of her childhood where her sister still lives, and of the family things that are somehow bureaucratic that you can never really get rid of.

We spoke to Bov Bjerg about the book and its history.

A new literary puzzle rounds off this episode of the books podcast.

“Deadline” by Bov Bjerg has just been published by Kanon Verlag, has 176 pages and costs 22 euros. 

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