Fukuoka Prefecture announced on the 13th that it was confirmed that 951 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus in the prefecture.

The number of infected people in the prefecture per day was the second highest in the past, after the 12th.

Also, there are 113 more people than Friday a week ago.

The breakdown is 448 in Fukuoka City, 158 in Kitakyushu, and 55 in Kurume.

Meanwhile, one person who was announced as infected on the 11th was withdrawn.

A total of 48,232 people have been confirmed to be infected in Fukuoka Prefecture.

In addition, it was confirmed that one person in his 90s or older died, and the number of infected people who died in Fukuoka Prefecture was 547.

On the other hand, it was found that 211 new people in the prefecture were suspected of being infected with the delta strain of the mutant virus confirmed in India.