August 11, 2021

Véronique Sanson doesn't really like telecrochets

Véronique Sanson does not appreciate

The Voice

 and other telecrochets of the same ilk!

The singer, who was talking to

Femme Actuelle

, explained that, despite the presence of her “buddy” Vianney, she was not touched by this kind of program.

“I don't really like shows like

The Voice

, when my mate Vianney is on the jury.

I don't understand how you can judge people.

It dismays me!

If I was asked, I could never accept.

Who am I to judge, ”she asks herself.

However, this disagreement does not prevent him from working with his friend.

As she further reveals, the song's icon is "making a new album with my musicians, Vianney… and maybe other people".


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Christina Ricci is pregnant with her second child

Christina Ricci's divorce was finalized recently, and, with good news never coming alone, the star has revealed that she is pregnant with her second child!

The actress has, in fact, announced on Instagram that she will soon be a mother, by posting a photo of her ultrasound.

She added in the caption that "life keeps getting better".

This same shot was shared by the happy future dad, hairdresser Mark Hampton.


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is already the mother of little Freddie, 7, born from her marriage to James Heerdegen.


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