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  • Today, “Rue du Rendez-Vous” by Solène Bakowski, published on May 20, 2021 by Éditions Plon.

Audrey Escoin, contributor to the

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, recommends

Rue du Rendez-Vous

 by Solène Bakowski, published on May 20, 2021 by Éditions Plon.

Her favorite quote:

"Give yourself a break. In the absence of redemption."

Why this book?

  • Because it is the fascinating meeting of two characters,

     two lives, two solitudes and multitudes of remorse or regret. Nothing predestined Alice and Marcel to meet. It is a stormy evening, while the young woman is soaked as she enters Marcel's shop. Between the 25-year-old young woman and the 87-year-old old man, it's obvious. He seems moved by this young woman lost and who seems so worried. She quickly feels at ease with Marcel, who behind these grumpy airs hides a kindness and an insane benevolence.

  • Because we will see them discuss, tame and deliver.

    Well, especially Marcel. He is going to tell his life to Alice. It all started with a ball in 1929, his birth, his childhood, the coming war, the tragedies, the meetings, the family. Marcel will tell everything. Without make-up, without hiding anything. The worst and the best. I was in Champagne with Marcel, I was with him on the train that took him to Paris. I lived with him and Denise, his mother, in their Parisian apartment. I danced, vibrated and lived with them. We know too little about Alice. Yet Marcel will slowly pierce his shell.

  • Because it is an extremely touching novel.

    How not to live the story of Marcel intensely.

    How not to want to hug Alice to tell her that everything will be fine.

    I didn't know what to expect from this novel, which I had read no return to and barely skimmed over the back cover.

    A novel different from what the author is used to presenting to us.

    It's less dark, less gloomy than usual, and even if the themes of this story are quite complex and even harsh, she was able to leave a lot of hope and light.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

 Nothing predestined Alice Beausoleil and Marcel Dambre to meet.

For the old man to open his door to the drenched young woman, it took a transport strike, a capricious GPS and a terrible thunderstorm.

From their unexpected one-on-one will emerge what looks like a second chance.


 Marcel 87 years old and Alice 25 years old.

Denise, Marcel's mother.

His family


 The town of Dormans in Champagne.


The time.

 It all began in 1929, for a long story that takes us to the present day.

The author.

 Born in 1981, Solène Bakowski has published 6 novels including the superb Sans elle / Avec elle with her accomplice Amélie Antoine.

This book was read with.

 curiosity and empathy for these two heroes, these two souls.

Two unforgettable characters who will haunt me for a while I think.

A great novel, two great characters.

Stop for a few moments in Rue du rendez-vous, you won't regret it.

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