Lee Soo-hyeon of sibling duo Akmu gave his sincere advice to netizens who left malicious comments.

Today (10th), Lee Soo-hyun had time to communicate with fans through his Instagram story.

Lee Soo-hyun answered fans' questions with all sincerity, advising students who are preparing for the Department of Applied Music, "I stand on stage with the hope that people who hear my songs will live healthier and happier lives."

Then, when a netizen left a comment mixed with criticism, "Get off the topic of ugly aunts," Lee Soo-hyun left a long reply saying, "I'm really just ignoring these things, but I'm so upset that I feel like a child."

Lee Soo-hyun said, "I don't know if you think you won't see it or you want to see it, but we see everything more than you think. Fortunately, I tend to ignore it well, but there are a lot of people who don't." If you keep wielding it, it will quickly become a sword."

Then, "I'd rather understand what I'm saying because I really hate it, but if it's just something I'm saying, don't do it anymore. It's because you're too precious to be that kind of person," he concluded with serious advice.

Lee Su-hyeon also showed affection for his brother Chan-hyuk Lee, "How do you hold back your laughter when you laugh at your brother?" To the question of a fan, "I can't stand it well" Lee Su-hyun said, When I said, "5-year-old Chan-hyuk is really cute and kind, I will raise him up. But if there are 5 Chan-hyuk Lee, how many songs are there? This is a concern."

AKMU released their first collaboration album 'NEXT EPISODE' on the 26th of last month and is receiving favorable reviews for a more mature and deeper music world. Starting with the first track 'Battlefield' and the title song 'Falling', the official videos of the b-side songs were presented sequentially, leaving a heavy impression with poetic metaphors and symbols.

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