• Emmanuel A. went to the gendarmerie to confess the murder of a clergyman.

  • He was waiting to be tried for the fire in Nantes cathedral a year earlier.

  • In France since 2012, his asylum requests had been rejected.

An investigation for "intentional homicide" was opened after the death in Vendée of a Catholic priest belonging to the community of Missionaries Montfortains, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre confirmed on Monday evening, where the religious's lifeless body was discovered at the start of the day. "To attack a man of the Church is to attack the soul of France, launched Gerald Darmanin, specifying that he wanted the whole truth to be made on this odious act".

The minister then spoke about the profile of the suspect, a 40-year-old Rwandan, a former volunteer of the diocese of Nantes, already unfavorably known to the courts since he confessed last summer to having set fire to Nantes cathedral .

Placed under provisional detention since his indictment at the end of July 2020 for arson, this asylum seeker was released, under judicial supervision, in June, with a ban on returning to Loire-Atlantique.

He presented himself to the gendarmerie on Monday where he would have admitted being the author of the crime of the ecclesiastic.

"He could not leave France before his trial"

"Some gave in to the temptation of controversy, to the temptation of demagoguery, while the spirit of this priest was not yet at peace," commented Gerald Darmanin. What I can tell you is that this person has been the subject of three deportation orders to the border since his illegal arrival on the national territory in 2012. The Ministry of the Interior and Ofpra have refused his request. asylum. Then two administrative decisions were taken by the prefect to drive him back to the border and these two decisions were quashed by the administrative court. A third decision was made in 2019 and we were awaiting the return of the court. In the meantime, following the fire in Nantes cathedral, this person was in pre-trial detention and then under judicial supervision.This judicial control provided that the defendant could not leave France while awaiting his trial. It was quite normal that the ministry respected this judicial control. ”

Gérald Darmanin specified that the suspect underwent psychiatric treatment "at his request" after his release in June.

He was then welcomed into the religious community of the Missionaries of Montfort.

“Charity, the welcoming spirit of the church, is a point of honor that we must salute.

The minister also confirmed that the suspect was "unknown to the radicalization files, nor was he a Muslim."

"I regret the unnecessary controversies"

"I regret the unnecessary controversies," Gérald Darmanin insisted at the conclusion of his speech.

The French state was there.

He did not grant any papers to this person and asked him to leave the national territory.


According to the first elements, the victim died after being beaten, according to a police source.

The autopsy will determine the causes of death.

The Bishop of Luçon (Vendée) spoke of his “stupor” and “sadness”.

President Emmanuel Macron "expressed all his sympathy" to the religious community of Montfortians


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