Chinanews, August 5th. According to the official WeChat public account of the National Health Commission, "Healthy China", the delta variant is currently the main strain of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Regarding the characteristics of the delta variant and whether the existing prevention and control measures are effective, the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism press conference on August 5 gave authoritative answers.

  The delta variant was first discovered in the new crown pneumonia cases reported in India in September 2020. The World Health Organization announced on May 10 this year that the delta variant was included in the new coronavirus variant of global concern.

At present, it has been circulating in more than 130 countries and regions and has become the main virus strain of the global new crown pandemic. This strain has the characteristics of fast transmission, fast replication in the body, and long time to turn negative.

  Relevant scientific research and epidemic prevention and control practices at home and abroad have shown that the Delta mutant strain did not lead to subversive changes in the biological characteristics of the new crown virus. The source of infection and the transmission route are basically clear. The existing epidemic prevention and control measures still affect the Delta mutant strain. efficient.

Existing vaccines still have good preventive and protective effects, can reduce the risk of virus transmission in the population, reduce the transmission power of infected persons, and effectively reduce the incidence of severe illness and mortality after infection.

Some time ago, for the first time, my country successfully blocked the local epidemic of delta variants that occurred in several cities in Guangdong Province with dense populations and high mobility. It proved that vaccination, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance, and avoiding crowds Measures such as gathering are effective.