The police revealed that the third-generation drugs can be packaged into beverages and other common objects, which are highly concealed in disguise

  Drinking "obedient water" can cause drowsiness and even memory loss

  In recent years, in some cases handled by the public security organs, "good water", "obedient water", "tempting water" and so on have entered everyone's field of vision. These colorless and odorless liquids, once taken too much, will make people sleepy and even make people sleepy. People have temporary amnesia.

Not only that, but other third-generation new drugs may be mixed into the "obedient water".

In this regard, Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point reporter interviewed the Anti-drug Detachment of the Jinan Public Security Bureau and the Licheng Public Security Anti-drug Brigade to uncover the secrets behind the obedient water.

  Qilu Evening News, Qilu One Point reporter Zhang Guotong

  Drug secondary processing

  Illegal sale commits a crime

  On the Internet, words such as "obedient water" and "guaiguai water" are not uncommon. Even searching for these words on some online shopping platforms, merchants will suggest or express on the product page that there will be amnesia and drowsiness after taking it.

  The reporter found through investigation that the so-called "obedient water" is actually a central nervous system depressant, which has been clinically used as anti-epileptic and anti-convulsant drugs. Therefore, the country has also included it as a Class I or Class II psychotropic drug. And strictly control its production, sales, use and other links.

  However, some criminals have used illegal channels to purchase the raw materials of these drugs, through secondary processing, repackaging, etc., into the hands of some illegal businesses under another name, or directly sell them.

  Once buyers come to the door through various channels, these unscrupulous merchants will start a one-line contact with the buyer. In the process, the unscrupulous merchants may repeatedly verify the buyer's situation. If the two parties reach the purchase intention, the merchant or the unscrupulous person will contact the buyer. Send the true "identity" of the items sold, and thus "obedient water" has gradually become the "accomplice" of criminals in committing crimes.

  The reporter learned from the police that the core component of "obedient water" has certain medicinal value and belongs to the state-listed medicinal fine anesthetic drugs. However, these drugs originally used to treat diseases turned out to be earned by criminals. Money may be a "tool" for the pursuit of excitement.

  The reporter's investigation found that taking a small amount of fine anesthetics is hallucinogenic and addictive, and even brings pleasure to people. Gradually, in the eyes of some drug dealers or criminals, these drugs may also become drug substitutes.

In fact, long-term abuse and consumption of such items can cause great harm to the human body, and even death.

  Other third-generation drugs

  May also be mixed with "obedient water"

  "Criminals will mix obedient water into beverages in the process of committing crimes. If the drinker drinks these beverages without knowing it, the consequences may be disastrous. In addition, criminals in obedient water may also mix them. Enter the third generation of new drugs." said a policeman from the Anti-drug Detachment of the Jinan Public Security Bureau.

  According to the police, drugs are usually divided into traditional drugs and new drugs according to the chronological order of drug epidemics.

Traditional drugs generally refer to opium, heroin and other drugs that have been popular earlier. Traditional drugs are extracted from the original drug plants such as opium poppy. They are also called first-generation drugs.

The new drugs are relative to the traditional drugs. The early-appearing drugs such as methamphetamine and ecstasy are called second-generation drugs.

In recent years, third-generation drugs called "new psychoactive substances" have appeared.

  The so-called third-generation drugs mainly refer to the drug analogues obtained by chemical structure modification of controlled drugs in order to avoid attack by criminals, which have similar or stronger effects of excitement, hallucination, and narcosis to controlled drugs. Called "planned drugs" or "lab drugs".

  At present, the frequently mentioned new drugs mainly refer to third-generation drugs, such as Meow (cathinones), Natasha (synthetic cannabinoids), rhinoceros fluid (tryptamines) and other substances; there are also some new types of drugs. Drugs, such as smart drugs, happy water, etc., the main ingredients of these drugs are still the traditional first and second generation drugs, but they are made or packaged into the appearance of common objects in life to confuse people.

  It can be seen that compared with the first and second generation drugs, the third-generation new drugs are more disguised and concealed. In terms of effects, the third-generation new drugs produce hallucinations, excitement and addiction. The stronger it is, the more harmful it causes to the body.

  Great harm to health

  Crack down on drugs in all aspects

  Drugs not only cause harm to personal health, but also make entire families fragmented, but even so, some people will take risks and embark on this gloomy road.

  "Some criminals want to relax in pursuit of excitement, or because of excessive pressure, or in pursuit of pleasure, they have embarked on the road of taking drugs. Of course, there are also people who have already given up drugs because they cannot resist temptation, etc. Embark on the road of relapse." said a policeman from the Anti-drug Detachment of the Jinan Public Security Bureau.

  It is understood that, in fact, people who take drugs have their own circle, and according to the type of drug use, this circle will be divided into specific groups.

Therefore, to eradicate drugs, it is not only necessary for the national drug control department to crack down on it from various channels and links, but also for citizens to start from themselves.

  I also remind everyone that taking drugs is extremely harmful to oneself and can also cause irreparable losses to the family. Therefore, for personal health and family happiness, you must be cautious in making friends, stay away from drugs, and respect yourself.