Porsche drivers have the most points in the Flensburg traffic offenders card.

In the places behind are the drivers of other, usually highly motorized car brands, as the broker portal “Check24” calculated when evaluating the motor vehicle insurance contracts concluded via the website.

According to this, almost 11 percent of Porsche owners state that they have points in Flensburg when they take out an insurance contract.

At Jaguar it is 9.6 percent, at Audi, BMW and Land Rover a good 8 percent each.

The national average is 6.5 percent of drivers.

Check24 did not give absolute figures, but a large number of insurance contracts are sold through the portal every year.

The evaluation roughly coincides with the vehicle type class statistics of the insurance companies, which reflect the damage and accident balances of the individual car types: the higher the type class, the more damage and accident prone the model in question.

Many vehicles of the brands mentioned by Check24 are also at the top of the 31,000 model category statistics.

At the bottom of the table with the least accident-prone model is also BMW: The BMW Isetta, which was built from 1954 to 1962 and formerly known as the “smooch” with its 12 hp engine, is classified in the lowest type class in liability, fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance.

In Germany, points are registered in accordance with the regulations of the Road Traffic Act and the Driving License Ordinance in the driving aptitude register of the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg, which celebrates its 70th anniversary on Wednesday.