[Commentary] "I will keep looking, even if I get old, I won't stop." This is what Ms. Li has said the most to reporters.

On August 3, at the "reunion" operation of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau's Baiyun District Bureau, the 25-year-old son Xiaojin (a pseudonym) hugged his biological mother, Ms. Li, and his brother. I couldn't cry.

  [Explanation] Recalling the day when she was separated in 1996, Ms. Li is still vividly remembered.

Because of the busy work, most of the children were taken care of by grandma.

That day, grandma was busy entertaining relatives, but did not notice that the two children went to play outside.

The elder brother ran back to tell grandma that after the younger brother had disappeared, Ms. Li's family began a 25-year search.

In the past 25 years, Ms. Li and her family have been sad and self-blaming.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Li, the mother of the kidnapped child

  It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and I couldn't find it after several days and nights. Later we posted missing persons notices all over the street, and the walls were everywhere.

I kept looking for it and couldn't find it. My mother-in-law was very heart palpitating and she wanted to beat her chest very blatantly.

  [Concurrent] Brother of the kidnapped child

  I am an elder brother, and I still feel very uncomfortable in my heart because I did not protect my brother well.

I also contacted some organizations on the Internet and saw many non-profit organizations, and we also found them through them.

  [Explanation] In February of this year, the police contacted Ms. Li to extract relevant information again for comparison.

Recently, it was confirmed that Xiaojin was the 25-year-old son of Ms. Li after a joint inspection and DNA test comparison between the Guangzhou and Qingyuan police.

  [Concurrent] Huang Guiqing, Forensic Doctor, Baiyun Branch, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau

  At the end of June this year, we received feedback: The information officer Xiaojin (a pseudonym) collected by the Qingyuan police recently was highly suspected of a lost child that year.

At the beginning of July, we re-extracted the biological samples of the victims Li and Xiaojin, re-compared them, and performed DNA inspections.

Through genotype analysis, it is confirmed that the two are in a biological relationship.

  [Commentary] Ms. Li told reporters that after her youngest son was abducted, she often wondered what might happen to her son. She was very afraid that her son would be harmed by bad guys.

Fortunately, the police finally found Xiao Jin and gave him the most special "birthday gift."

  [Concurrent] Ms. Li, the mother of the kidnapped child

  The police brother informed me that he had found my son that day. I asked him in the first sentence, is my son normal (healthy)?

The police answered me that you can rest assured, it's normal.

I was very happy and excited then.

On my birthday that day, he sent a message saying that mother, I am safe, I am in good health, and I am working.

I was even happier. I received a big birthday present. This is how I told the police.

  [Commentary] The scene of Ms. Li's family hugging each other is moving.

Jin's three-year-old brother has red eye circles. The memory of his older brother's age is a little vague, but the pain of losing a loved one has been lingering in his heart.

  [Concurrent] Brother of the kidnapped child

  Although I think it is a very small opportunity, I still think in my heart that every time the family sees these news on TV, they will have a glimmer of hope in their hearts, and they will also think that one day I will find my brother.

  [Explanation] The child of that year is now married and established. Both Ms. Li and her brother expressed that they would fully respect Xiaojin's decision. Now it is fulfilled their wish to find him.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Li, the mother of the kidnapped child

  In the future, it is up to the child to decide what the child wants. That's what it means.

  [Concurrent] Brother of the kidnapped child

  We just met, I think we have to sit down and communicate slowly to understand these years, because there are a lot of gaps between our two sides, in the past 25 years, we will communicate slowly.

  [Commentary] The Guangzhou police reminded that all sectors of society and the general public are expected to actively participate in and support the "Reunion" operation. If you find clues such as suspected kidnapped children or persons of unknown origin, they can report to the nearest public security agency or ask for help, and the public security agency will collect them for free DNA samples are compared to find relatives.

  (He Junjie originally reported from Guangzhou)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】