Electronic eye shooting upgrades at 217 intersections in the city

  Cars crossing the sidewalk will not allow pedestrians to be punished severely

  This reporter (Reporter Anran) learned from the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau yesterday that the "electronic police" at 217 intersections in the city will be upgraded and will soon begin to record illegal acts of motor vehicles "passing pedestrians and failing to give way". The driver of the vehicle will be fined 200 yuan and 3 points.

  The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau stated that in order to strengthen the management of traffic order at intersections, the traffic management department used the comity zebra crossing as the starting point to increase the management and rectification of outstanding illegal acts that affect the traffic order and the image of civilized traffic.

  While carrying out on-site law enforcement, the police have added a batch of traffic technology monitoring equipment. Among them, the "electronic police" at 217 intersections has been upgraded to increase the function of recording motor vehicles "passing pedestrians and failing to stop and give way" traffic violations .

  These newly-added monitoring equipment will be publicized to the public on the traffic control bureau's website, and shooting penalties will begin after the publicity period expires.

  The illegal behavior record data collected by the newly-added traffic technology monitoring equipment is checked and entered into the road traffic illegal information management system.

For traffic violations in which a motor vehicle encounters a pedestrian passing through the crosswalk without stopping to give way, the traffic control department will impose a fine of 200 yuan and 3 points on the offender according to law.

  The traffic control department stated that the pedestrian crossing is not only a safety line to guide pedestrians through the road in an orderly manner, but also a lifeline to protect pedestrians and reduce the risk of accidents. At the same time, it is also a civilized line that reflects a good image of urban traffic participants. It is hoped that every driver can consciously be courteous to the zebra crossing. , Use law-abiding to ensure safety, use courtesy to convey civilization, and build a harmonious transportation sharing a civilized capital.

  News explanation

  What are the illegal acts of motor vehicles not evading pedestrian traffic?

  The "Road Traffic Safety Law" clearly stipulates that motor vehicles should slow down when passing crosswalks; when pedestrians are passing crosswalks, they should stop and give way.

  The person in charge of the Legal Affairs Department of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau explained that: a motor vehicle does not evade pedestrian traffic violations, which refers to a motor vehicle passing through a crosswalk, and no part of the vehicle body enters the crosswalk area. When a pedestrian who has entered the crosswalk and has not run a red light is about to pass in front of the motor vehicle , The act of not stopping to give way.

The more typical ones are: First, the pedestrians are forcibly interspersed through the crosswalk, causing pedestrians to stop; second, the pedestrians who are passing the crosswalk are forced to stop; third, there are motor vehicles in the same direction that have stopped to avoid pedestrians, but they are still forced to pass. ; The fourth is to use sudden acceleration and other methods to bypass pedestrians who are passing through the crosswalk; and other factors that affect or hinder the passage of pedestrians who are passing through the crosswalk.

  Reporter observation

  There is no traffic light at the intersection and passing vehicles are not courteous

  It is difficult for pedestrians to cross the road

  In front of a zebra crossing without traffic lights, according to regulations, motor vehicles should slow down, and when pedestrians pass the crosswalk, they should stop and give way.

However, reporters visited many intersections and found that most drivers did not have the consciousness to slow down and give way, and a small number of pedestrians were courteous. Pedestrians could only walk through the traffic with fear.

  ▶Chongwenmen East Street◀

  Only two cars let pedestrians in 10 minutes

  At 6 o'clock in the evening on August 2, it was the evening rush hour, and the traffic on Chongwenmen East Street was constantly flowing.

On the zebra crossing outside the Chongwenmen gas station of Sinopec, many people are waiting to cross the road.

But what makes everyone headaches is that although there are zebra crossings in front of them, there are no traffic lights, and the passing vehicles are speeding by, and pedestrians are trembling every time they pass.

  "Every time I cross the road, I am always afraid, and I can only wait for the car to pass quickly." Wang Yan tried to run a few steps past, but she saw the motor vehicle speeding up, and quickly retreated.

Cars passed one by one, and after a minute or so, Wang Yan was still waiting on the spot.

  At this moment, a little boy rushed on the zebra crossing and ran forward regardless.

"Slow down! Watch out for the car!" shouted the mother following, and chased him to safety.

The little boy's mother leaned down and said to him, "This is too dangerous, we can't do this in the future!"

  When there are only three or five people waiting to be scattered, few motor vehicles stop and give way in front of the sidewalk; only when there are more than a dozen people at the intersection to cross the road together in a "scale", the passing vehicles have to stop and wait.

Later, pedestrians hurriedly walked a few steps to keep up, for fear that they would not be able to keep up with this call.

In 10 minutes, except for the situation where five groups of "catch up" to cross the road and the cars had to stop, only two cars were able to be courteous to pedestrians.

  ▶Outside the south gate of Fengtai Jiayuan Erli◀

  Pedestrians can only see stitches across the road

  There is a more than ten-meter-wide intersection outside the south gate of Jiayuan Erli, Fengtai District. There are zebra crossings in four directions, but there are no traffic lights. Pedestrians can only look at the time when there are few cars and cross the road quickly.

An old man with poor legs and legs waited on the side of the road for two or three minutes, watching from a distance that there was no car before he dared to take a step.

The old man said helplessly: "We are walking slowly. Sometimes you see that there is no car in front of you. When you get to the middle, the car will be in front of you."

  Another old man also sighed again and again: "I live in the neighborhood next to this. I usually cross the road and go to the supermarket to buy some food. There have been no traffic lights on this road, and there are very few cars for people. People stop and wait for the cars to pass. , People cross the road again."

  ▶Near Dayangfang Road, Shilihe◀

  The motorcycle turned right and almost hit someone

  At noon on August 1, in front of a crosswalk with no traffic lights near Dayangfang Road, Shilihe, a motorcycle nearly had an accident because it did not give way to pedestrians.

A lady crossed the road without paying attention to the surrounding vehicles. A right-turning motorcycle approached at the same time. People and cars were about to collide with each other. The lady screamed for emergency avoidance, and the motorcycle owner tried to avoid it. Finally, The motorbike passed by the lady, it was a surprise.

  Mr. Qian standing on the side of the road witnessed this scene and couldn’t help but squeeze his sweat for pedestrians: “Beijing’s drivers who are not courteous to pedestrians are too common. I think it’s mainly because of insufficient punishment. Many cities have installed probes beside zebra crossings. Drivers who are not courteous to pedestrians are punished more severely. I really feel warm when I encounter vehicles courteous to pedestrians while traveling in other places. The zebra crossing is a city's "civilized line". Many small cities have done a good job. Beijing is the best district. , We should do better." Our reporter Shi Yue and intern Jiang Yuanqing