As the Korean women's volleyball team, which participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, defeated Turkey and advanced to the quarterfinals, the stars also expressed their support.

Korea played a dramatic victory against Turkey in the women's volleyball quarterfinals at the Tokyo Olympics, which started at 9 a.m. on the 4th.

A tight match was played against the women's volleyball powerhouse Turkey, and after a close match in the 5th set, Korea won the match.

From the start of the game, each star delivered messages of support through SNS, and after the game was over, they expressed their emotions.

Singer Sejeong Kim released a video of herself crying with emotion, saying, "Why am I crying?" He also applauded both players who showed their best by saying, "The Korean players and the Turkish players are all real. Ha..."

Singer Junsu Kim cheered on the scene at the end of the volleyball game, when Kim Yeon-kyung scored and shared an emotional hug with the players, saying, "I'm crying. It's so cool. Korean volleyball!

Super Junior's Leeteuk also said, "It's a big hit, the best in the women's volleyball national team."

Chaerina from Lula exclaimed, "Oh, tears. I want to cry many times today." In addition, before the Korea-Japan baseball game scheduled for 7 pm on the same day, he expressed his support by saying, "Be strong in baseball too."

Comedian Park Mi-sun said, "Wow, my heart is bursting. I've been cheering hard since the morning, but I'm thrilled to advance to the semifinals of women's volleyball! It's great and amazing! Kim Yeon-kyung's neat finish. Fighting," he said.

Actor Jin Tae-hyun posted a picture of himself kneeling and watching the TV volleyball broadcast screen, and wrote, "I was doing that from the beginning to the end. My knee hurts so much." posted an article.

Comedian Shim Jin-hwa said, “Wow. It was also revealed, causing laughter.

In addition, broadcaster Park Seul-gi congratulated the women's volleyball team for advancing to the quarterfinals, along with a photo of the cheering women's volleyball team, saying, "The confession came out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, the Korean women's volleyball team will compete against the winners of Brazil and the Russian Olympic Committee in the quarterfinals to be held at 1 pm on the 6th.

[Photo = Yonhap News, Kim Se-jeong, Jin Tae-hyun Instagram capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)