From August 3, the entrances and exits of some stations on Line 3 and 6 within the Zhuankou block of Wuhan Metro will be temporarily closed.

  The closed entrances and exits of Line 3 are: Zhuanyang Avenue A and B, Dongfeng Company A, Sports Center A, B; Line 6 Checheng East Road, Jiangcheng Avenue, Laoguancun three stations all entrances and exits will be closed , Line 6 trains to the above three stations will not carry out door opening and landing operations. Passengers boarding at Dongfeng Station on Line 6 can enter and exit from Line 3 B, C, D entrances and exits, and other entrances and exits will be closed.

Passengers are requested to arrange their travel routes reasonably.

(Producing Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]