Deliveroo delivery men: rebellion on two wheels

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Gathering of food delivery people at Deliveroo's home in Paris, August 11, 2017 (Illustrative image).

By bike or scooter, they were already making their voices heard to defend their workers' rights, including a living wage.

Jacques Demarthon / AFP

By: Alexis Bedu Follow

20 mins

They are part of the “workers of the second line”.

Since the start of the health crisis, home meal deliverers have never ceased their activities.

They are even more and more numerous.

3,000 delivery people joined Deliveroo in France, during the first confinement.

Freelancers working on behalf of the delivery platform, they are now demanding new rights.



And in the first place, the right to a living wage when Deliveroo enters the London Stock Exchange - an introduction, moreover, complicated.

And at a time when VTC drivers are winning victories for their status all over Europe, delivery men are also aspiring to change.

"Delivery men Deliveroo: rebellion on two wheels", a large report by Alexis Bédu. 


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