While the infection situation of the new coronavirus is rapidly deteriorating, a total of 59 employees have been infected at the commercial facility "Lumine Est Shinjuku" at JR Shinjuku Station, and the facility will be temporarily closed on the 4th to disinfect all at once. I decided that.

According to the announcement, it was confirmed that a total of 59 people, including employees of clothing and restaurant stores and office staff, have been infected with the new coronavirus since July 21 at Lumine Est Shinjuku.

Since all of them were infected from home or friends, individual stores have been closed for disinfection so far, but we decided to temporarily close on the 4th to disinfect all at once as an infection control measure. ..

According to the facility management company, there are no clusters in the facility, and after the 5th, it will be open normally except for some stores where infected people have appeared.

The facility management company commented, "We will continue to put the safety and security of our customers and employees first."