• Reese Witherspoon From silly comedies to being one of the most powerful (and richest) women in Hollywood

Actress Reese Witherspoon has joined in her own right to the list of celebrities who have become

even richer thanks to her investments

with the sale of her production company and media company

Hello Sunshine

to the

private equity



for a figure that It has not been made public, but that the newspaper 'The Wall Street Journal' estimates at 900 million dollars (758 million euros).

The sale of Hello Sunshine, a company specializing in promoting women in Hollywood, is not without a certain irony. Witherspoon is a prominent supporter of the

Democratic Party

, where she stood out last year as an advocate for Vice President Kamala Harris - a senator from


, where Hollywood is located -, and has even considered entering politics in the past. Blackstone, however, was founded by two Republicans,

Steven Swartzman and Peter Peterson

. The latter, who died in 2018, was Secretary of Commerce with

Richard Nixon

, one of the presidents most criticized by Hollywood.

As for Schwarzman, he is a personal friend of Donald Trump, who appointed him chairman

of the White House Policy and Strategy Forum in 2017

. The financier has shown on his birthdays that the best thing to attract him to the world of culture is a good check. In 2007, when he turned 60, he threw an extravagant party for 1,500 people - including Trump and his wife, Melania - in which

Rod Stewart


and gospel singer

Patti LaBelle

performed a song exclusively for the



. The entire party cost $ 3 million, of which a third went directly to Stewart. In 2017, for his 70th birthday, Schwarman had

Gwen Stefani

from 'No Doubt'

at his party


Blackstone is one of the largest private equity funds and, for its critics, an example of speculative investment that has led them to

describe it as a 'vulture fund'

. In Spain it is one of the largest homeowners, who bought in the wake of the 2009 and 2020 puncture of the brick bubble. Two weeks ago, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, met with the representatives of Blackstone in New York, during his trip to the United States to promote the investments of that country in Spain.

Hello Sunshine was created in 2018, and since then it has scored two great successes with the series

'Big Little LIes'

, broadcast by HBO, and '

The Morning Show'

, starring Jennifer Aniston, which was the first original series aired by Apple. TV +, the


division of

the iPhone giant. Its acquisition, and its price, marks another step in the content war that the entertainment sector is experiencing after the consumption of audiovisual products skyrockets due to Covid-19 and the explosion of



Although Witherspoon is the most famous partner of Hello Sunshine, its capital also includes the

Emerson Collective

- the media investment vehicle of

Laurene Powell Jobs

, the widow of Apple founder

Steve Jobs

-, AT&T - the world's largest telephone company - and investor

Seth Rodsky


Some of those partners (including AT&T, which has unsuccessfully carried out a massive effort to enter audiovisual production) will now leave the company, while Witherspoon will remain with the company under the new owners and, in return,

receive a percentage of the shares of the new company


According to the US press, Blackstone wants to create an audiovisual division to take advantage of the historic global boom that the sector is experiencing.

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