It was belatedly revealed that middle-aged actor Kim Yong-geon (76) is in a legal dispute over the pregnancy of his girlfriend.

According to the entertainment media Dispatch on the 2nd, a 37-year-old woman, who had been dating Kim Yong-gun for 13 years, became pregnant earlier this year, and when Kim Yong-geon objected to the childbirth, on the 24th, Mr. A filed a complaint against Kim Yong-geon for attempted coercion.

Kim Yong-gun and Mr. A have been helping each other for a long time despite the age difference of 39 years, and Mr. A is said to have revealed the circumstances of the complaint, saying, "Kim Yong-gun's behavior is selfish and irresponsible."

Kim Yong-gun, who had expressed his opposition to childbirth, also accepted Mr. A's opinion and said that he would support the birth of Mr. A, but it is known that the conflict between Kim Yong-gun and Mr. A has deepened.

Kim Yong-gun debuted as an actor in 1967 and has two sons, actors Ha Jung-woo and Cha Hyeon-woo.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)