, Harbin, August 2 (Reporter Wang Nina) The Harbin Education Bureau announced on the 2nd that currently affected by the Delta virus, the epidemic situation is severe and complex. In order to effectively protect the health and safety of students, it will ensure the start of school in the fall of 2021. Going smoothly, the Harbin Education Bureau issued an initiative to the city’s primary and secondary school students and their parents to take the initiative to vaccinate against the new crown. If it is not necessary to leave Harbin or the province, all students who leave Harbin should return to the local area and conduct health monitoring 14 days before school starts. Good records to ensure safe return to school on schedule.

  According to the work deployment of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Harbin Primary and Middle Schools are vaccinating 12-17 year old students with the new crown vaccine in a planned and step-by-step manner.

Eligible students and their parents who have not yet been vaccinated take the initiative to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, and achieve "should pick up as much as possible" and "accept as fast as possible" before the beginning of school.

  In order to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of the epidemic, parents should pay close attention to the information dynamics of domestic high-risk areas, and insist on not leaving Kazakhstan or leaving the province if it is not necessary.

If it is necessary to leave Harbin due to special circumstances, students must report the detailed itinerary to the head teacher, report to the community and school in time when returning, and implement prevention and control measures in accordance with relevant local requirements.

14 days before the start of semester, all students who left Harbin should return to the local area, and carry out health monitoring and make records to ensure that they return to school safely as scheduled.