Egypt..the mourners attended her wedding at night and her funeral in the morning

The image of the bride was transmitted by the communication platforms and provoked sadness and sympathy

In a tragic incident, which provoked a wave of sympathy and sadness, the death kidnapped a young bride in the village of “Maidum” in Beni Suef Governorate, an hour after her wedding, after she suffered a heart attack, to mourn the village at the news of her death, and grief pervaded the village and neighboring villages, and to share the guests who They were at the wedding, at her funeral in the morning.

Muhammad Hamid Al-Qadi, one of the cousins ​​of the deceased bride, said: "Yesterday we attended her wedding, amid everyone's happiness, and today we buried her body in the family cemetery."

Regarding the circumstances of her death, he said: "We finished the wedding ceremony, and the procession of the bride went to the marital home, and an hour later we were surprised that she was in a state of fatigue, and she was taken to the hospital, and it was found that she had a heart attack," noting that the marriage contract was a week ago.

The bride's cousin continued, telling Al-Watan newspaper: "May God give patience to her husband, father and mother. Their joy was not complete and the joy turned into a nightmare. A bride dies on her wedding night, minutes after entering the marital apartment.

The people of the village of "Maidum" attended the funeral of the young bride, Israa Shaaban Saad Al-Qadi, and a state of sadness prevailed among the villagers, while the pages of the social networking site "Facebook" turned into a condolence book for the late bride, praying for mercy for her and patience and solace for her family.

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