Ariana Grande has partnered with 


for a “virtual tour” that will take place in-game over three days, through five sessions.

Players will have access to a special playlist, but also a character, dressed in an ice costume, inspired by the star.

Fans will also be able to unlock special rewards by completing special quests, and purchase special items from the




“From August 6-8, take a musical journey into magical new realities where


and Ariana Grande collide.

Dive into the Rift Tour, ”Epic Games says on its website.


The partnerships of stars with


are more and more numerous and are a


every time.

In April 2020, Travis Scott was performing in front of a record “crowd” of 12.3 million people, while Marshmello had performed a concert in front of 10.7 million people.

A way for musicians to overcome sanitary conditions to play in front of more and more people simultaneously.

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Hologram, augmented reality… What is the “Metaverse”, the parallel universe that makes web giants dream?

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