It is still raining everywhere.

Right now, it is raining heavily in Jeollanam-do, and in Naju, Jeollanam-do, it is pouring hard at about 60mm per hour.

Accordingly, a heavy rain advisory is in effect for Jeollanam-do and Jeju-do, and a heavy rain warning is in effect for mountainous areas in Jeju.

And as you can see, a heavy rain warning has been issued for southern Gyeonggi and northern Chungnam.

In these areas tomorrow (3rd), strong rain will be concentrated during the day, and at most 100mm or more will pour.

Up to 80mm or more will come to the Honam area, and this rain will all stop tomorrow afternoon.

However, the atmosphere is unstable and localized showers may occur through tomorrow night in some places.

Tomorrow's high temperature will be 30 degrees in Seoul, similar to today, and there is rain news this weekend.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)