China News Service, August 1 According to Yantai's WeChat public account, on the evening of July 31, a common case of new coronary pneumonia related to Nanjing Lukou Airport was confirmed in Laishan District, Yantai City.

  Zhang Moumou, male, 60 years old, from Laishan District, Yantai City, took flight SC4727 via Nanjing Lukou Airport to Guilin Liangjiang Airport on July 15 to travel to Guilin; on July 19, took flight SC4728 from Guilin Airport and stopped in Nanjing When returning smoke from Lukou Airport, the travel agency will arrange a special car to return to Xinhui Garden’s home.

Home health monitoring began on July 20, and 3 nucleic acid tests were performed from July 21 to 28, all of which were negative.

On July 31, due to physical discomfort, a special car was arranged from the street to the Chujia Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. In the afternoon, the nucleic acid test was suspiciously positive, and the city CDC rechecked the positive that night. The expert group comprehensively epidemiological history, clinical manifestations and laboratory test results , Identified as a common type of case.

  After receiving the suspicious positive report, Yantai City quickly activated an emergency response mechanism to conduct a comprehensive epidemiological and activity trajectory investigation.

On the afternoon of July 31, the confirmed patients were transferred point-to-point to the municipal designated hospitals for observation, diagnosis and treatment, and the surrounding environment has been eliminated; the community and hospitals where they are located have been sealed and controlled, and relevant personnel have been simultaneously followed up for nucleic acid testing and centralized isolation.

After the arrival of the 135 people on the same plane, all 56 local people except Zhang XX have implemented the control measures. From July 21st to 28th, more than 3 nucleic acid tests were carried out, and the results were all negative. All of them have been concentrated. Quarantine; the remaining 78 people on the same plane have notified the local headquarters; the work of circulation, inspection, detection, killing, and isolation is still accelerating. The patient's activity trajectory and the follow-up progress of the epidemic will be released to the society in time, please pay close attention to citizens and friends , Consciously do not believe, spread or spread rumors, and jointly maintain a good order in epidemic prevention and control.

  At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is extremely severe and complicated. Friends of the public are requested to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, consciously cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures, and maintain good hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, not getting together, and not gathering; not yet vaccinated Yes, please contact the town and street where you are for vaccination, and be the guardian of your own health.