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These jobs will soon be gone


Alaa Jarad


August 02 2021

No one would have imagined the speed with which technology develops and dominates our lives every day, and some may think that they are safe from technology, but it seems that development will reach everyone very quickly, at least in politically and economically stable countries, and not in countries that lack infrastructure, such as Roads, electricity and the Internet.

According to author Gerd Brooks, it is estimated that between 800 million and two billion jobs will be lost by 2030, roughly nine years later.

Of those who will lose their jobs are drivers, whether taxi, delivery or bus drivers, as self-driving cars will replace them, and the jobs of bank workers will also disappear, as banks are currently managed by artificial intelligence, and banking operations are conducted “online” without human intervention, and many have closed Many banks have branches in Britain and Europe, and many banks currently do not have headquarters or branches, but they are managed completely “online”, such as “First Direct” Bank in Britain, which is considered the second best bank in terms of customer service.

The functions of accountants and auditors will also disappear, and the functions of doctors will partially disappear in the traditional way, as self-medicine and digital medicine will replace them, and nursing staff will be relied on for diagnostic operations, through systems such as “Watson” provided by IBM.

The “telemarketing” or telemarketing profession will also disappear, as artificial intelligence and big data applications, such as “bots”, will provide services with great accuracy to customers, and the “cashier” profession will disappear, and indeed most stores in many countries rely on self-payment. In Britain, many large supermarket branches, such as Tesco and cooperative societies, rely heavily on the customer to calculate his purchases himself without the need for a cashier or a “casher”.

Travel agents and reservation companies are professions that have already begun to disappear, as there are currently portals that prepare a vacation program for you according to your needs, with accuracy and at a better price.

Dozens of websites such as Jet Coast and Expedia also offer the service of booking airline tickets at a much cheaper price than booking through an office or agency.

Chefs in fast food restaurants will not have jobs, as robots will replace them, and indeed there is currently a service to buy pizza in London from machines on the street that contain a robot that prepares pizza with the required specifications, librarians will also not have jobs, as the borrowing process is currently based on barcodes, without human intervention.

Translators and editors will also lose their jobs, and Google has contributed various packages such as Google Translate and Gyboard.

The employees of publishing houses and publishing houses themselves will disappear, the parking lot employees, who now rely on cameras and “online” payments, and many agricultural and factory workers will disappear.

Petrol stations and their employees will disappear, and electric charging stations will replace them, but new jobs will appear that will be covered in the next article.



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