The Karmé cattle market

Al Hadj Taher Adam, cattle dealer, member of Coges.

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By: Sayouba Traoré

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Karmé is a municipality in the province of Hadjer Lamis, in Chad.

The Karmé cattle market is a place of exchange of live animals or animal products between producers, buyers, resellers and exporters.

This market was built by the Chadian Ministry of Livestock and Animal Productions, as part of the Regional Project to Support Pastoralism in the Sahel (PRAPS-Chad) with funding from the World Bank. 


This cattle market is built on an area of ​​36,000 m2 with a building of five offices, a meeting room, four rest sheds, two restaurants, a veterinary pharmacy, and a caretaker's house, a water tower, drinking troughs , three animal storage yards, an incinerator and a livestock feed store.

Abass Abdelkarim, cattle breeder in Massaguet.

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This completely changes the way each weekly market is held in this town.

After the construction works, such an infrastructure passes under the control of the beneficiaries in the form of a management committee.

There, everyone says "Coges".

A view of the Karmé cattle market.

© Sayouba Traoré / RFI


Al Hadj Taher Adam,

cattle dealer, member of Coges

Abass Abdelkarim,

cattle breeder in Massaguet.

Production: Sayouba Traoré

Director: Ewa Piedel


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