Media fined Amr Adib in the case of insulting and defaming Muhammad Ramadan

The Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court in Egypt fined the media, Amr Adib, 10,000 pounds, and rejected the corresponding civil lawsuit, accusing him of insulting and slandering the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, as reported by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan.

The media's defense, Amr Adib Tariq Jamil Saeed, said that he "will appeal the verdict in the case, and that the plaintiff tried to obtain a prison sentence against his client, but the court saw the opposite."

Muhammad Ramadan had filed a lawsuit against the media, Amr Adib, for defamation, threats, insults, slander and abuse of influence, and requested financial compensation of 100,000 pounds and one.

The text of the lawsuit, as reported by Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, stated that the first advertiser - the media, Amr Adib - took advantage of his job as a journalist and violated the work charter, so he wanted to achieve a media scoop and false fame. informational.

According to the lawsuit, he intended to harm the reputation and honor and insult his family, and he took up a public issue in a personal capacity, and allowed himself to insult the student and insult and insult his family that the student “was not brought up,” telling him: “If no one raised you, I would run away from you.”

The lawsuit said that the accused committed the offenses of insult and slander, using the media platform to publicly defame and threaten the student claiming civil rights, in the manner mentioned above, through terms and expressions, through the "MBC" channel.

The lawsuit added, "Mohamed Ramadan has a TV series broadcast on the same satellite channel, which affects its viewers and despise him among the Egyptian and Arab masses who follow the work of the artist, the student claiming civil rights, which prompted the student to go to the Public Prosecution to kindly initiate a lawsuit against Amr Adib."

Adeeb had said: O you, we go to the judge and he judges what he sees, and if no one raises you, I run you. A man of little manners, and oh, oh, you, oh Muhammad Ramadan, and the law does not support anyone, and we have the judiciary.”

Adeeb added that he asked his private lawyer, Tariq Jamil Saeed, to file a case against Muhammad Ramadan, for the latter’s abuse of him.

He stressed that he does not take his right to transgression, but rather by law and the judiciary, adding: "Oh I, you.. we go to the judge and stand before him and talk to him.. and I am ready to sit with you for a lifetime in arguments."

He continued: "The educated person is a blessing. If you are not educated in him, he can raise you... If no one raised you, I would run away from you," he said.

And he continued: "You are not better than many people, your Lord is generous and I will take my right to the law. The coming days are agonizing, let us go to the courts and take our right."

The media, Amr Adib, and the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, entered into several verbal altercations after “Ramadan” published a video, which “Adeeb” considered a mockery of the judicial ruling against the former obligating him to pay 6 million pounds in compensation to pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

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