Iman Eyitayo, the right word and the beautiful image

Iman Eyitayo © Fouse Médias

By: Yasmine Chouaki

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From Cotonou to Paris via Abidjan, the journey of a self-taught, multilingual and compulsive author!


Born in Cotonou in 1988, 

Iman Eyitayo

grew up between Abidjan and Benin, before arriving in Paris. Stories, she tells from a young age, first in the form of comics that she shared in secret with her little sister. Iman is self-taught, addicted to manga and author of novels inspired by the world of video games. Polyglot, she is fluent in Chinese and Yoruba, writes in English and is also a translator. Compulsive? The one who is a project manager in an IT company in Paris has the time to read five novels a week and write almost as many. To discover: 

Coeur de Flammes, 

the fantastic saga that it publishes in self-publishing, and - attention news -

Our crossed hopes,

 to LEN editions, where it is about student love, depression, discomfort, and finally a soul mate.

Iman Eyitayo's musical choices:

Angelique Kidjo








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