China News Service, Taiyuan, August 2 (Yang Peipei and Ren Lina) The reporter learned from China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on August 1 that a letter of thanks issued by the company was sent to the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

In the letter, a few days ago, there was a sudden heavy rain in the southwest of Shanxi, which caused the Nantongpu Railway to be interrupted. Linfen City and Xiangfen County under its jurisdiction acted quickly to work with the railway to ensure the safe transfer of 826 passengers.

  It is understood that at around 19:00 on July 22, the Linfen and Yuncheng areas of Shanxi suffered heavy rainfall, the Nantongpu Railway was temporarily suspended, and three passenger trains K866, K7807, and K610 were trapped at Xiangfen Railway Station.

The torrential rain caused the suspension of the Nantong-Pu Railway, and road-ground linkages ensured the safety of 826 passengers.

Photo courtesy of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

  After the train was blocked at Xiangfen Station, China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. immediately issued an order to transfer the stranded passengers to the Xiangfen West High-speed Railway Station, and temporarily opened two high-speed trains to accommodate the transfer passengers.

Upon hearing the order, the Houma Car Service Depot moved to mobilize the backbone of nearby stations to support Xiangfen Station, and organize ferry transfers between General Speed ​​and high-speed rail stations.

  However, as the heavy rainfall continued, water accumulated in many streets in the urban area of ​​Xiangfen County, small vehicles could not pass safely, and the large vehicles of the railway department were limited, and it was impossible to realize the rapid and safe transfer of many passengers.

  After the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government learned of the situation, they quickly organized forces to assist the railway flood control. The Emergency Management Bureau, Meteorological Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Water Resources Bureau and other relevant departments took the initiative to connect. Departments such as the Health and Sports Bureau, the electric power company, and the Emergency Management Bureau participated in the rescue.

  After learning that the railway department lacked transshipment capacity, Xiangfen County Transportation Bureau urgently allocated 6 buses as transshipment buses.

Subsequently, with the assistance of the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, another 20 buses were transferred, and a total of 26 vehicles were used for passenger transfer.

  According to the passenger transport staff of Xiangfen Station, in order to ensure the safety of the ferry vehicles, the traffic police escorted the vehicles through the rain, and the wading roads were explored and cleared by special personnel.

The health department urgently dispatched ambulances to be on duty at Xiangfen Station and Xiangfen West Station to deal with passengers' possible physical emergencies.

  At the same time, the Linfen City Development and Reform Commission and other departments have provided a large amount of cakes, instant noodles, mineral water, apples, ham sausage, bread, etc. to the stranded passengers free of charge to meet food and drinking water needs.

  After close cooperation between roads and places, as of the early morning of July 23, a total of 34 transit buses were dispatched, transporting 826 trapped passengers, and all trapped passengers were safely transferred to Xiangfen West Station in batches and transferred to additional high-speed trains. Drive away safely. (Finish)