Following the addition of Chiba Prefecture to the area covered by the state of emergency, all beaches that have been opened in Chiba Prefecture will be closed on the 2nd.

However, the beach in Tateyama City, which was the last to open this year, was crowded with many customers on August 1st.

A total of 11 beaches have been opened in Chiba prefecture, but they will be closed from August 2 due to the addition to the target area of ​​the state of emergency.

Of these, in Tateyama City, four locations have been opened since July 22, but all will be closed, and this year's beach will be the last to open on August 1.

Of these, Hojo Beach, which is close to Tateyama Station, was crowded with many families, with some parking lots full after 9 am.

A woman in her 60s who visited the beach said, "I didn't know that the beach would close, but I think it can't be helped because the infection is spreading."

At the beaches that will be closed in Chiba Prefecture, we are considering continuing safety measures such as patrols by life savers, but local governments and prefectures are calling for "don't swim because the sea without surveillance is extremely dangerous." I am.