Last year, the number of accidents in which a child was injured in the house was the highest in the past five years as the time spent at home increased due to the corona disaster, and NITE = Product Evaluation Technology Infrastructure Organization is calling attention.

According to NITE, there were 81 cases in which children up to the age of 12 were injured in the house due to product accidents reported by businesses, etc., and 19 cases last year, including the five years from 2016. , The highest in the last 5 years.

Especially, the accident of burns was conspicuous. ▽ A 0-year-old girl pulled the cord of the electric kettle placed on the table, and the hot water of the pot was splashed. It means that there were cases where the hot water tank was touched and burned.

In addition, there have been accidents of "chemical burns" due to leaks of chemicals used in toys and accidental ingestion of coin-shaped batteries.

NITE demands thorough measures such as selecting products that use boiling water with safety measures against burns and storing batteries that may be accidentally swallowed out of the reach of children. I am.

On top of that, he said that the increase in the time spent at home due to the corona disaster was behind the increase in accidents, and since it is expected that the time spent at home will continue to increase during the summer vacation, etc., we are calling for further attention.