A crime affected by a Lebanese wedding may turn into a clan war..a video documenting the incident

  • A circulated photo of the victim, Ali Shalaby


Yesterday, a man in Lebanon, from the Ghosn family, fired a military pistol, during a wedding ceremony, towards a person named Ali Shibli, against the background of a "revenge case", according to some Lebanese media.

Many of the videos that spread on social networking sites documented the moment the killer, who is from "Arab Khaldeh", advanced towards the victim while he was shooting during the wedding ceremony and in front of the panicked attendees.

After the owner of "Center Shibli" was killed in Khalde, the Lebanese army moved in an attempt to control the situation and not turn modernity into a clan war.

The clans of "Arab Khaldeh", to which the perpetrator belongs, quickly issued a statement in which they said: "We are the Arab clans in Lebanon.. It is the customs and traditions of the Arabs to take the rebellion if there is no reconciliation between the two quarrels, and what happened today with the killing of Ali al-Shibli is nothing but revenge." The killer is the brother of the slain, Hassan Ghosn.

Therefore, we wish the family of the murdered Ali Shibli to consider the killing an eye for an eye, and not to exceed that, and that we are all keen to preserve civil peace, the right of neighborhood and national participation.

High tension tonight in #Lebanon after an incident in a wedding in Jiyyeh related to previous incident in Khaldeh.

A Sunni man (Arab tribes) killed a Shiaa/Hezb fighter as a revenge for his brother.

The sectarian language online is worrying #Ali_Shibli #Khaldeh #Lebanon_collapses pic.twitter.com/9hQsiaTz3V

— Lebanese Bonkers (@BonkersLebanese) July 31, 2021

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