After an initial breakdown, a new Russian research module is now connected to the International Space Station ISS.

"An hour ago our crew entered the" Nauka "module," wrote the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin, on Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

“Congratulations!” The hatch to the “Nauka” (Russian for science) laboratory that was docked on Thursday had already been opened several hours earlier.

Software malfunction set the entire ISS in motion

Shortly after the arrival of the module, an incident occurred on Friday night: apparently due to a brief software malfunction, the “Nazier” engines switched on unplanned.

This set the entire ISS in motion.

The US space agency Nasa lost control of the station's position in space for almost an hour.

After an emergency response, the all-clear was given.

As a multi-purpose module, “Nauka” is primarily intended for research.

But it should also serve as a team quarters with its own life support system.

There is also a toilet on board.

It measures 13 by 4.11 meters and weighs more than 20 tons.

Roskosmos also stated on Saturday that their own Russian space station should be ready by 2028. The scientific and technical council of the Russian space agency has approved the previously announced construction. The Russians want to withdraw from the aging ISS.