A German contractor takes revenge on the owner of an apartment building in an unimaginable way (video)

After procrastinating in the payment of financial dues, a German contractor retaliated in an unimaginable way, by demolishing the building that was the source of the dispute, which was built by the contractor using an excavator.

The British newspaper, "Mirror", reported that the accident occurred in the southern German city of Bloomberg.

A video broadcast by the newspaper revealed the contractor driving the excavator, hitting and smashing the balconies and balconies of a three-storey building, as well as smashing many glass facades, without causing any casualties.

According to the newspaper, the contractor did not stop destroying the building until after the excavator stopped working;

The man left in his car and went to the police to turn himself in.

According to the “Previously” website, which reported the news on the newspaper, the owner of the building owes the contractor 4.2 million pounds, which is the rest of the dues for the construction of the building, and the owner of the building has been procrastinating in payment;

What prompted the contractor to retaliate.

The police estimated the value of what was destroyed by the contractor at 400,000 pounds.

The police are still investigating the incident.

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