Pierre Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics, said, 

"The significance of the Olympic Games is not to win, but to participate, and what is important to humans is effort rather than success."


The fact that a sporting event is being held that shows the importance of the process rather than the result seems to be a little comforting to those who are tired of Corona.

For the Olympic season, the SDF tried a little special interview.

'Screenplay without drama', SBS variety program that receives rave reviews of "entertainment is grateful tells the true charm of the sport, has been in the news

'goal beat the girls'


Seung - Hoon PD


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When the concept of 'goal hitting women' (hereafter referred to as 'goal hit girls') was first known, there was a lot of skeptical public opinion.

When the unpopular sport of women's soccer was played by celebrities who were not even professional players, it was a voice that worried about whether they would be able to attract viewers' attention.

However, the goalkeeper, who was first introduced as a pilot program earlier this year, showed better build quality than expected.

Thanks to that, from last month, it has been regular programming on Wednesdays at 9 pm and is meeting viewers.

With the start of the Olympics, the production crew, who have been running day and night, are resting for a while to catch their breath.

I met with director Seung-Hoon Lee PD through video and heard an interesting production story.

Q. Thank you so much for agreeing to the interview while on vacation.

Are you realizing the popularity of goal women these days?

In fact, I don't feel it because I'm out of my mind.

It's a situation where I can't meet people (due to the production of programs, etc.), so when I see articles coming out, I feel like, 'Oh, a lot of people like you.' 

Q. Is the current filming over?

I'm curious if you know the winning team or not (laughs). 

I just finished filming the league.

We don't know the winning team, but we do know the team that advanced to the tournament (laughs).

As the corona situation gets serious again, we think that the players and staff will be in danger, so we temporarily stopped filming and are watching the progress.

▲ Lee Seung-hoon interview with PD of SBS Entertainment Division (Progress = Reporter Ryu Ran, Future Team, SBS Press Headquarters)

Q. A lot of people say, 'It makes my hands sweat' and 'When I see hard-working players, I cry.' What charms do you think made the program a success?

thank you. It is too early to say that it was a success as it has been aired up to the 6th episode. However, from the beginning, including me, the production team said, 'Let's save this one. 

There is a part that said, 'This is the most important part of this program.' The 'posture' and 'authenticity' that the performers take during the game. As much as this, I tried to include it even if I gave up everything else. 

As a result, viewers like those parts the most.

Q. 'Let's convey the sincerity well' is a wish that anyone who creates content can take as the number one principle. It's not easy to find that 'method', did you have any know-how?

We don't say anything to the cast when we start filming. When the game starts, I tend to let things roll on their own. It's the players who play, and if that's the case, the production team will say, 'Oh, I'm sorry, but please do this here.' Rather than doing this, creating a situation where they can really focus on each other’s matches is more motivating.

I think I've been making programs like this in the past. The program I was in charge of before this program was SBS entertainment 'Burning Youth'. At that time, the actors eagerly waited for the day of filming. 'What do you do when you travel?', 'What do you play with?' I'm thinking about this myself. As a result, the excitement and real enjoyment were conveyed through the TV screen. 

This time, the goalkeeper also wanted to show the 'real thing' more than any other program. I didn't expect the players to make it this far.

Q. If you look at the comments, you can see that the phrase 'entertainment is not like entertainment' is being used as a compliment. I think the viewers are even more moved by imagining the amount of practice and suffering of the players that would not have been shown on TV.

Right. I think the variety shows are a little different from other entertainment programs. Now, I think the goalkeeper is more like a documentary. When recruiting the cast, I explained, 'I think it's more like a documentary movie, not an entertainment show'. At first, the players were a little embarrassed and said, 'I can't do it', but now I think that's the case, so I think they've adapted to it (laughs). 

Because I value reality and authenticity, I shoot almost everything that happens on set. If you add up all the cameras installed on site, there are about 150 in total. I'm also filming almost all of the players (performers) practicing. 

Although only a small part of it is aired, what they practiced by sweating in an invisible place is actually the basis of the broadcast. After the TV airing is over, I'm thinking of making a documentary movie using the things I've filmed.

In sports, you win or lose. When I watch sports events, I rarely see people who can't. They are mostly star players and strikers who are good at it. 

But we wanted to show people who can't do what they can't do, and 'enjoy' this moment. The skills of those who can't do it are gradually increasing every day. He spends his time practicing hard somewhere as much as a good player. How about putting it on the screen? I thought that was the 'fair' of our program. There are stories of those who lose and those who lose. We are trying to show not only good players but also poor players.

Q. Paradoxically, there is also a reaction that you learned the true charm of sports through entertainment programs. In everyday life, there are not many people who work as a team to achieve a single goal. 

As you said, it is not easy to experience teamwork because each individual strives to achieve their goals in the age of unlimited competition. Moreover, because our players are women, he said that he didn't have much contact with team sports in his life. Most of the exercise I do for my health is something I do alone. In terms of professional characteristics, the models also stand on the runway together, but they each work as the main characters.

We do a lot of personal interviews in-between because we are filming a program.

One day, Shin Bong-sun of the Gavengers team said that in an interview. 'It wasn't all I thought I knew in my life.' Other players often say, 'I learned what the charm of team sports is through this broadcast.'

No one should have done it alone until a goal was scored in a soccer match. Even if I fail or make a mistake, there is someone who will take care of it from behind. I was able to shoot decisively because there was someone who gave me the ball, things like that. The importance of colleagues by my side. I think the players have also discovered this message. We are also trying to focus on that part on the screen.

Q. Last question.

What do you think will be more interesting to watch in the future?

I can't even predict how it's going to go.

It was developed in such a way that it was only after each match that the next situation was known.

So, if you didn't watch the last match, even in the last match, it was like biting and biting each other.

I thought there could be a number of cases ranging from goal difference to multiple goals, so I prepared for it just in case.

It really happened like that.

So, I asked our caster Bae Seong-jae, 'What should I do in such a case?

What is certain is that the players have improved compared to the league game.

This is someone I'm watching the practice process, so I can assure you.

I think sports are like that.

There seems to be no permanent weak team or strong team.

Right now, I'm just thinking about making a show with the best quality by doing my best, week by week.

As platforms diversify and viewing behaviors change, it becomes increasingly difficult to create content that is loved by many.

What is the power and charm that makes you see something out of countless content pouring out every second every minute?

Our SDF is also thinking about 'how can we reach the audience more impressively?'

So, during this interview with PD Lee Seung-hoon, I think I asked questions to find the answer. 

The Olympics, which have been going on for over 100 years, are 'will it really happen?'

An entertainment program that started out of skepticism also paid attention to an honest sweater.

People are always silently writing their own stories, so maybe they want to meet someone who can testify to hope.

** This article was featured in SDF Diary, a newsletter sent every Wednesday morning.

The SDF Diary is

written by members of the SBS Press Headquarters Future Team who prepare


SBS's representative forum, SDF


We look ahead to the topics that our society should be interested in, and deliver meaningful new perspectives or attempts.

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