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Spain ends the week registering 24,753 new cases of coronavirus (almost 2,000 less than on Thursday) and with

a cumulative incidence (AI) during the last 14 days of 687.30 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

(nine points lower than the previous day).

Although the Balearic Islands have not updated their figures due to "technical problems", it is the third consecutive day of decline and everything seems to indicate that the fifth wave peaked and has started downhill.

If citizens continue to not lower their guard and vaccination continues to advance as it has been before, chances are that the data will improve even more next week.

To date, there are already 26,933,847 people who have received the complete schedule of the vaccine (56.8% of the population) and with at least one dose there are 31,851,618 (67.1%).

The favorable impression is very nuanced, however, if one broadens the look at the evolution of the incidence throughout the month.

On the first day of July it was at 134.31 and this Friday, the last report for July, it has multiplied by five compared to that date


With one day still to go (although Health does not update the statistics on Saturdays), July will be one of the months that has registered the most cases this year: 625,730.

After a June in which the infections touched the ground (126,182) when the fourth wave was closed, the outbreaks of young people in Mallorca made a dent and opened the door to the fifth, which has grown in the month that now concludes.

The total number of those affected climbed this Friday to 4,447,044 since the start of the pandemic.

Young people continue to be the population group with the most infections and incidence.

Between 20 and 29 years of age, the AI ​​is 1,653.24 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure that is still very high despite having dropped 119 points in 24 hours.

Between 12 and 19 years of age, the situation is also serious, with 1,524.71 AI, also falling 71 points since Thursday.

The regions most affected by the coronavirus continue to be Catalonia, with an AI of 926.97;

Navarra (877.50) and La Rioja (766.46).

The Balearic Islands, which has not updated its data, in the previous days was also one of the communities that suffered the highest incidence.

Melilla (231.98), Ceuta (279.09) and Castilla-La Mancha (434.77) are those that maintain a lower indicator.

Health has also notified

44 new deaths

this Friday

, two less than on Thursday


In total, 81,486 people have already officially died from coronavirus in Spain since the health crisis began.

Hospital pressure continues to grow, accusing the explosion of cases in recent weeks.

8.24% of hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients (on Thursday they were 8.14%), and the percentage rises to 18.31% in the case of Intensive Care Units (ICU), after a rise of more than half a point in one day.

Catalan ICUs are in the most delicate situation, with 44.18% occupancy due to the pandemic.

Then there are those of the Balearic Islands (22.38%), Madrid (22.09%) and Aragon (18.81%).

On the contrary, Extremadura (4.79%), Galicia (5.37%), Murcia (6.48%) and Castilla-La Mancha (7.52%) are the autonomous regions that maintain the lowest occupancy in ICUs.

These data only contemplate patients admitted for coronavirus.

To calculate the real occupation, we must add those found there due to other pathologies and surgeries.

In Europe, only the United Kingdom (781.8) exceeds Spain (687.30) in incidence


Then there are the Netherlands (576.7) and Portugal (420.8).

The most comfortable countries on the continent are, once again, Poland (3.9), Romania (6.6) and Germany (30.1).

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